The days of wondering how to curl your hair with the use of a curling iron are over. Read this article and explore great tips on using curling iron.

How To Use Curling Iron

Though straight hair looks very good, having it for a long period of time can be a bit boring. All of us need some variety in our life, be it the food that we eat, the channels that we see on TV or the hair we have. One of the best options in case of straight hair comprises of adding curls. They not only give bounce to your hair, but also make you look much more glamorous. As for how to go about getting curls, I think curling iron is the best option. It is much easier to use and also much more effective than most of the other curling instruments. In the following lines, we have provided some great tips that will help you in using a curling iron.
How to Curl Hair with Curling Iron
Items Needed 
  • Curling Iron
  • Styling Gel/ Mousse/ Styling Spray
  • Blow Dryer
  • Hair Clips
  • Brush/ Comb
  • Hair Spray 
  • Wash your hair properly with a shampoo, to ensure that they are clean.
  • While your hair are still damp, but not wet, apply styling gel, mousse or styling spray to it.
  • Now, blow dry your hair till they are completely dry. The use of hair products and blow dryer will ensure that your curls form better and last longer.
  • Divide your hair into a number of small sections. Making use of hair clips, hold the different section separate.
  • In case you want spiral curls, divide your hair into small sections. For loose curls, flat and larger sections are desirable.
  • Release one section of hair and remove any knots or tangles by brushing or combing it.
  • If you hair are too fine and you feel that it might not hold curls too well, it is better to spray them lightly with a soft-hold hairspray.
  • Press the lever on the curling iron and open it fully. Insert the ends of your hair into the space between the iron and its flap.
  • Close the flap i.e. curling iron barrel on your hair, while making sure that all the ends of the hair section are within the barrel completely.
  • Roll the iron up, towards the scalp. Remain in the position for around 10 seconds.
  • Push the lever on the curling iron and open the flap. Now, slowly release the curls.
  • Repeat the procedure with other sections of your hair.
  • Flip your head and shake out the curls. Turn over your head and style your hair with fingers.
  • Lightly apply hair spray, so as to ensure that the curls remain in place. In case of humid weather, make use of a humidity-resistant hair spray.

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