Apart from gaining on the style quotient, curling straight hair is great way to add body to any hair type & length. Read this article to know how to curl straight hair using simple curling irons.

How To Curl Your Hair

Curling hair is a process of adding ringlets to straight hair of any length (except super short) and thickness using hair rollers or curling rods and a variety of other hair products. It’s a technique humans have, since ages, been adhering to add curls to their straight mane. The early Egyptian ladies did this by rolling their hair around wooden sticks and covering them with mud collected from hot springs. But with setting up of high-end beauty saloons in every nook and corner these days, getting one’s hair curled, temporarily or permanently, has become an easy option for everyone.
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Why People Curl Hair?
Apart from the style quotient, curling is a great way to add body to any hair type and length, except when it’s really short. It’s one of those ‘ready wash and go’ hair styles that frees you from the hassles of blow-drying and setting. Moreover, there are so many varied curly hairstyles – tight curls, waves, maggi curls, etc. –that choosing one should not be difficult at all. You can either curl your hair by yourself at home or get the help of a professional from a good saloon. 
Important Aspects One should be Aware of Prior Curling Hair  
  • Your hair will refuse to take the curls if it’s colored. You will only end up spoiling your hair if you still get your colored / streaked hair curled. This is truer in the case of permanent hair curling.
  • Do not go for permanent curls (or perms) if your hair is weak. This is because weak hair cannot easily withstand hard chemicals used during curling. To find out if your hair is healthy or weak, put few strands in a glass of water. If they sink, it means your hair is weak because it is soaking up moisture.
  • Thick hair take curls more easily than fine hair.
  • The tightness of the curls will depend on the size of the curling rod.
  • Depending upon hair length and thickness, a permanent curly hairstyle will sustain for a minimum of two months and a maximum of six months.  
How to Curl Straight Hair using Curling Iron?
While you can get your hair curled by a hair stylist, you can also choose to curl them at home. Just follow the instructions given below. The duration for curling hair can vary between 30 minutes and one hour depending upon the length and thickness of hair.
Things you will need:
  • Volumizing spray
  • Straightening balm (if you have thick, course hair)
  • Hair dryer
  • A one-inch barrel curling iron
  • Ponytail holder and bobby pins
  • Shine serum
  • Hairspray
  • Saltwater spray 
How to Curl Your Hair? – The Process 
  • After washing your hair, flip them upside down and spray volumizing hair-spray on roots. Massage it in. If your hair is rough, then apply a bit of straightening balm.  
  • Gently brush your hair as it will work the hair products you just applied very evenly throughout. Blow dry them straight beginning from the roots adding volume. Alternate with cold air. 
  • Part your hair into three sections, securing each with a ponytail holder. Next you will use a wide-barrel curling iron to curl your hair. So deal with one section at a time. Take neat bunches of hair now and sprit it with styling hair spray. To curl the hair, wrap it around the barrel of a curling rod.
  • Release the curl after about seven to ten seconds. Hold the hair in the curler for a longer duration if you want tighter ringlets. Alternating the direction will make the curl appear more natural. Once the pinned curls have cooled, free them from the curling iron.
  • Do not brush your hair. On the other hand, separate the curls with your fingers. To add shine, spray on some hair serum. Take care not to overdo the hairspray if do not want your curls to feel crunchy.

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