Are you bored of your usual straight look? Do you want to try something new? If yes, then read through the article, as it enlightens you about the different ways and techniques for curling your hair.

Hair Curling Technique

Are you one of those who envy seeing their friend’s curly hair? Do you always search for options and methods to curl up your hair? It is true that the type of hair that one inherits cannot be actually controlled. However, styling your locks, according to the fashion that you are in love with, demands little or no effort. So, if you are tired of their old fashioned straight look and want to sport a rather wild, curly look, this article is worth a watch. There are many methods that one can try to curl up the strands of your hair on your own, without spending a great deal in a beauty parlor. Here are few hair curling techniques that one can use for effective results without experiencing a big hole in your pockets.
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Different Ways To Curl Hair
Curling Irons
One of the most commonly used techniques for curling hair is by using curling irons. Plug in the curling iron and wait till it gets hot. There is a lever on the handle of the curling irons which when held down, a clip pops out. Place the hair in between the clip and the hot curling rod. Now, twirl the hair around the hot iron until the hair gets hot. Unwrap your hair from the iron to let the curly beautiful locks define your fashion statement.
Pin Curls
Pin curls are another method used to curl the hair. It is a method that works for both short and long hair. Separate the strands of hair then place a finger at the base of the strands and wrap the hair around the finger until you get to the end. Now, use the bobby pin to pin up the curls. Make rows of the curls using the bobby pin and leave for some time to get your curls.
Wrapping Foil
Wrapping foil is a new method for getting the hair curled. For this, you need to wrap the foil around the entire strand, curling the hair up or under the foil and securing it with a bobby pin. This method is a bit long one taking hours to dry, but is safe as it does not burn or tear your hair as in curling irons and rollers.
Use of rollers also helps curl your hair. Rollers give a more delicate curled effect to your hair. Blow dry your hair until it is almost dry. Now, divide the hair into different sections and roll each section into the roller carefully. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curls will be. You can use different size of rollers depending upon the type of curls you want. It is advisable to always use a smaller roller around the face and front of the head and the larger ones at the back.
Some other techniques which can be applied for curling your hair are by employing straightners and hair sticks. Straightners, though basically meant to straighten hair, can also be used to get curly hair, especially if you are looking for creating soft curls at the ends. All you need to do is swirl your hair around the straightner and wait for a few seconds. Hair sticks can also be used to curl your locks. These are basically a substitute of the traditionally used rollers. You can use a hair stick to wrap around your strands. Leave this for a few minutes as it would lend a tighter curl.

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