Want to try some stylish hairstyles at home? Read on to find step-by-step instructions on latest hairstyles for women, which will make you look beautiful.

Step By Step Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, celebrities are our greatest source of inspiration. Jennifer Aniston created the pin-straight long hair trend, which seems to be here to stay. On close heels is Cameron Diaz, who is known for experimenting with her hair and creating new styles every now and then. Short or shoulder length, straight or highlighted; her hairstyle makes her look just stunning! A good hairstyle can make a lot of difference to your personality. Hayden Panettiere, of the hit show ‘Heroes’, sported an all-new look just by braiding her hair. From buns to braids, from ponytails to the unkempt look, you can try all with your hair. So, just don’t stick to the same old hairstyle; rush to your parlor and try something new! Oh! Parlor means a lot of extra expense? Or, what if you have received a last minute party invitation and can’t rush to a parlor? Wouldn’t it simply be great, if you could make some stylish hairstyles at home itself! Are you game for it? if yes, here are some latest step-by-step hairstyles, which will surely make you look stylish. From side bun to basic plait, you can try all at home! 
Step By Step Hairstyle Instructions For Women
Twisted Bun
  • Lightly dampen your hair by using spray bottle. This will help it stay together and also prevent any stray hair.
  • Tie your hair into two ponytails. Make the first ponytail at the middle of the crown and the second, a bit lower, closer to the nape of the neck. Ensure that you gather equal amount of hair in each ponytail.
  • Start with the second ponytail and take equal small sections of hair. Twist the hair until desired level of tightness is reached.
  • Pin these small sections of hair around the second ponytail.
  • Now, start with first ponytail and follow the same pattern.
  • Once you are done with pinning, use hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.
  • Your twisted bun is ready!
Looped Updo
  • Tie your hair into a ponytail, which is halfway between the nape of the neck and the top of the head.
  • Secure it fast with an elastic band.
  • Separate about four inch-thick section of hair at the top of the ponytail.Pin it out of the way.
  • Divide the remaining hair in ponytail in six equal sections.
  • Start from the left. Take one section and twist it gently under and to the left, to form a big hair loop.
  • Next, pin the bottom of the loop to the back of the hair.
  • Now, take the next section and repeat the same procedure.
  • Pin the next loop in such a way that it hides the earlier hairpin.
  • Now, spray the loops with hairspray.
  • When you are done with the bottom loops, unpin the top section of the hair and divide it into four equal sections.
  • Enwrap one portion around the finger, to form a tighter loop.
  • Now, pin this loop to form one side of a four-leaf clover shape.
  • Make loops of three other sections in the same way and pin.
  • The four tight loops should rest on the top of loose hair loops at the bottom.
  • Use hairspray to finish the look.
Stylish Side Bun
  • Comb your hair and make sure that it is completely detangled. This will ensure easy creation of the bun.
  • Next, part the hair in desired directions.
  • Prefer center parting, as it will be easier to tie a bun with center parting.
  • In case you are using side parting, do not forget to brush hair in opposite direction, from where the bun will be placed.
  • Now, place the strands to the side of the head, where the bun will be. Use hair pins to fix the strands on to the desired spot.  
  • Use hairspray to give it a finish.
  • Your stylish side bun is ready!
Basic Plait
  • Comb your hair to get rid of tangles.
  • Next, divide your hair into three sections.
  • Ensure that all three sections have an equal amount of hair.
  • Cross over the strands of right section, through the middle section.
  • Hold the strands firmly.
  • Now, take the strands from the left section and cross them over the middle section.
  • Tighten your grip.
  • Keep crossing over the middle section, by alternating between right and left sections.
  • When you reach the end of hair, tie a colorful elastic band.
  • Decorate your plaits using beads.

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