Updos make an elegant style statement and can be flattering for all hair lengths and types. With this article, check out the step by step updos hairstyles and give yourself a new look.

Step By Step Updos

Whether you are looking for ways to style your hair for your big day or a more formal do like a black tie office party, updos are indeed the easiest and most elegant way to style your tresses, without having to rush to a hair stylist for an expensive quick fix. Updos make for a great style statement and are the perfect bet, when digging for ways to style your mane elegantly and effortlessly. Updos look flamboyant and feminine and can be flaunted with panache. The best feature about this particular hairstyle is that it looks good on hair of every length and texture and can be styled if you have a few tips up the sleeves. However, before choosing an updo, always stop to consider the occasion, the dress and your overall look. Neatly done updos can be really flattering to a perfectly chosen outfit and a perfectly done make-up. Here’s a step by step guide to a few easy-to-style hair updos. Read on for more.
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Step By Step Updos Hairstyles
Twisted Bun
  • Take a dollop of hair pomade or styling gel and run through the entire length of your hair.
  • Divide the hair into two parts and secure it into ponytails, one in the center of the crown and another a little higher that the nape.
  • Divide the lower ponytail into small sections and twist it tight and secure it with pins around the ponytail.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the above ponytail.
  • When the hair is tucked, spray some hairspray to achieve a neat look.
  • Accessorize it with crystal pins, headbands or your choicest flowers.
Knotted Look
  • Comb your hair neatly and divide it into six parts.
  • Now, take one segment and divide it into a few other small sections. Then, twist the hair loosely to form a spiral on top of your crown.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other segments too.
  • Secure the spiraled sections with a bobby pin.
  • Spray some hairspray to hold the hair in place.
  • Accessorize it with sparkly hair pins and jewels.
Looped Updo
  • Tie the hair into a ponytail in such a way that it should rest halfway between the nape and the top of the head.
  • Divide a section of hair at the top of the ponytail and tuck it with a pin.
  • Now, divide the rest of the ponytail into 6 or 8 equal sections.
  • Starting from the left, take each section of hair, one at a time and gently twist it under to form a big loop. Secure the loop with a pin.
  • Spray hairspray over the loops.
  • Unclip the top section and divide it into 4 equal sections.
  • Take one section and tuck it around the finger to form a tighter loop and pin it in a way, so as to form one side of the four clovers shaped loops.
  • Repeat the process with the 3 segments of hair.
  • Remember, these 4 small loops should rest above the lower bigger loops.
  • Complete the look by spraying the hairspray, to keep the style intact for a longer duration of time. 

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