Since curly hair is most difficult to manage at all times, it is best to keep hair in an updo during summers. Here are some updo ideas for curly hair.

Updos For Curly Hair

Women who have straight hair that lies dank on their heads as if it is almost dead have often looked at curly haired women and thought as to how bouncy their hair looks and how much life their tresses have. What they often forget is that curly hair easily turns brittle and is often touted as the most difficult hair to manage. It is extremely difficult to disentangle and has to be conditioned with chemical conditioners as well as natural ones like coconut or jojoba oil. Come summer and most women who have curly hair face problems of dandruff because when they sweat, it gets stuck in the roots of their hair. Moisture disappears from their hair like a cake at a birthday. Thus, updos, which require us to tie the hair up at the centre of the head, are recommended for women who have curly or wavy hair. Some of them are easy and can be made within minutes, while others may demand a little more of your time, but each one of them is chic and prevents the hair from turning brittle. These can be worn to work, to an evening out or just around the home. Here are some casual as well as formal updos for curly hair.
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Casual And Formal Curly Hair Updos 
Here are some updo ideas for curly hair, some casual, and some formal:
Casual And Easy Curls 
This is one of the easiest updos for curly and unmanageable hair. All you need for this hairstyle is medium sized bobby pins. After hair has been washed, conditioned and dried, divide it to the middle of your head into two sections. Do not divide it all the way to the back, as that will not have the same effect. Take small sections of hair from each side and twist them using your fingers. Arrange it in the middle of your head. Now, take a bobby pin, separate it, push it from outside your hair to inside once, and then push it down to hold the hair in place. Start from the top and work your way to the back of your head till all the hair has been pinned up and forms a cascading bunch on the centre of your head. You could leave the rest of the hair cascading just as that or you could also twist the ends of those curls and pin them into the centre of your head.
Deconstructed Curly Updo 
The term ‘deconstructed’ means that something that is random, has no definite form and is bound to look imperfect. This hairstyle can also be tried on hair that has fine or wispy curls as opposed to the earlier one, which needed thicker hair and more defined curls. Before you begin with the hairstyle, you could use a bit of working spray on your hair. Loosely pull all your hair behind you, taking care not to disturb the curls, and twist it once or twice around your fingers. Hold all the hair up and secure the base of the twist with bobby pins on either side. Make sure your bobby pins are pushed into the hair and not out of it, which will only result in your hairstyle coming off before you can leave the house. Check for any loose strands of hair on the sides and tuck them into the hairstyle too or fix them with bobby pins.
Formal And Sophisticated French Twist 
For an updo as elegant as this one, you need to split your hair into two even sections at the point where your hair naturally parts. You can use a comb to make sure the part is straight. Now, smooth out the hair closest to your head. Tie up or clip one section secure with a clutch so you can use both hands to work with each section, one at a time. Starting with the hair in the front, right above your forehead, twist the section around tightly. Keep twisting until you reach just past your ears and secure with a fashionable barrette. Untie the other section of hair, repeat the twisting process, and secure with a matching barrette. Gather the remaining tresses together to turn and tuck into a French twist. Secure with bobby pins and hairspray. This is a great choice for cute updos for curly hair.

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