Curl out of your frizzes and get that sleek, slender, poker-straight hairdo. Find out how you can straighten out your curly hair.

How To Get Curly Hair Straight

Everyone remembers what a rage the “Rachel Look” was from Friends. Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel in Friends, created a trend that became an obsession for many women. It was the straight, sleek, layered, angled and ‘shag’ hairstyle. Many do not know that Jennifer naturally has wavy hair and the person behind such a trend-setting cut was her long time stylist Chris McMillan. Jennifer continued to be a fashion icon during and after the show with a hairstyle called “Sedu Style”. This name came about because the star was known to use a renowned brand of ceramic hair straightening iron called, “Sedu”. Celebrities look beautiful and not all of them attain that naturally. Many use various cosmetics and products to alter or enhance their beauty. If celebrities can do it, so can you, to feel and look more beautiful. However, not all can afford stylists like celebs, who are at beck and call, during hair emergencies.  And with the straight hair look, still pretty much in fashion; all women by now should own a high quality ceramic hair straightener. The best part about the straight hair style is it suits any kind of face shape and it is also easier to maintain. You could use gel/wax or volumizing mousse to zap your style with body, height, texture, and finish. Find below ways in which you can straighten you hair. 
Tips For Straightening Curly Hair 
  • Wash your hair along with conditioner to remove dirt. Make sure while using conditioner to brush your hair, before rinsing.
  • Once finished washing, towel dry hair and brush it once again. A useful tip is to shake your head up and down to loosen the hair end, beginning from your scalp. This will quicken the drying process.
  • You need to wait for 15 minutes or more until to begin to blow dry. It is not advisable to blow dry wet hair as they will become frizzier and may get damaged.
  • Once hair are dry begin the blow drying process. It is important that your hair are completely dry before you use a hot straightening iron.
  • Once hair are completely dry, divide them into two sections of upper and lower areas. Pin up the upper section with a clip.
  • If you have very thick hair you could sub section them further to get a perfect result.
  • Before beginning, remember to read the instructions carefully and adjust the setting on your hair straightener. Check for the amount of heat suitable for your hair texture, manageability, and thickness.
  • Do not be in a hurry and wait until it reaches the right heat level.
  • You could use hair spray lightly and comb downwards for a few seconds.
  • Now begin ironing the section and ensure you do not bring it too close to your ears, scalp or skin.
  • Once done, add some more hair spray to have a longer lasting effect. You could also add a glossing spray to add the extra sheen and radiance.
  • Now repeat the same for the upper section of your hair.
  • If you have very frizzy, thick, or curly hair that cannot be straightened with an iron straightener, you could try getting a chemical hair straightening treatment professionally done in a salon.

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