Curly hairs have their own charm. Check out some latest curly haircut trends & styles in India.

Curly Hair Cuts

Though curly hairs have their own charm, they are considered quite unruly. They appear unmanageable, frizzy and worst of all, unpredictable, more often, giving extremely low space for styling. This is the reason, why women with curly hair experience hair disasters quite frequently. The otherwise seeming fairy tale lass suffers from the agony of having curly hair and repeatedly thinks of getting them straight. However, with a bit of know-how and careful planning, you can make you curly locks presentable yet stylish. This would not even accentuate your features but also boost up your confidence. So, get ready to swirl those curls.
Type of Hair cuts
Curly hair can be made to look pleasant by choosing a right type of hair cut for your self. Some of the latest curly hair cuts trends are given below.
Curly Bob
Curly bob hair style works best for a round face, with hair longer than the chin and falling up to the neck. This enables the wearer to balance the cut well. This hair cut is quite playful and mischievous. You can use a hair band on the fore head to don a sporty look. Get your trimmed every six weeks to maintain this.
The Natural Afro
This is also a chic yet low maintenance style for excessive curly hair. It is easy to style as the length of the hair is kept around an inch. If you have a heavier face leave it under three inches. Wear a scarf to keep the hair even and in shape. Get it reshaped every four weeks to maintain the look.
Bangs are quite in nowadays with hair slightly falling on cheeks and chin. The ones with curly hair can also try the look by undergoing thermal reconditioning, which gives your hair fairly straight glossy fringes.
Long and Natural
For extremely curly long hair, you can enjoy your normal self. To make your hair more manageable you can get them braided. Braiding is essentially a process in which your hair is divided into numerous small sections and braided separately in long, short or circular styles. The braiding lasts for 3 months, relieving you for a considerably long time, as they are highly manageable. However, to cut this style, use only scissor for trimming. Razor will increase the frizz of your hair.
Long Curls
Curls appear to be the best when hairs are long enough to pass the shoulder. Though you might find them a bit unruly, with little patience you can overcome the situation. Get you hair cut with the shortest length lying at the lip. Make hair a little this as they become loose and easy to separate. This cut should be styled in damp hair. This is also a low maintenance style as the ends are not visible, thereby minimizing the need to get the hair trimmed.

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