French braid is an easy and popular way of braiding long hair stylishly. Follow the instructions given in the article to French braid your hair.

How To French Braid

Are you tired of braiding long hair in the same old way day in, day out? Looking for a variety in style and a change in your look? This article might just help you and give you what you need. French braid, is a very popular way of styling long hair. It is a tad above normal braiding and gives you a different look altogether. It is classic and stunning and needs to be practices in order to be mastered. The best way to practice is by trying it out on your own hair. After a while, your fingers will easily be able to braid hair without you having to look in the mirror.
How to French Braid 
  • Comb your hair smooth and straight and remove all tangles. If your hair is too silky, you can apply a hint of oil just to make sure that the hair stays at its place.
  • Take a section of hair starting from the top your head, just above the hairline, which is just about enough to separate into three significant sections that will start off the braid.
  • Hold the left and right sections in between your fingers and let the mid-section lay against the head. Now, take the right section of hair across the mid-section and clasp it with the left index finger.
  • With the right thumb, separate a 1-inch section of hair straight across the head and move it towards the middle section. Now, take hold of the middle section and pull your hair tight to start giving shape to the braid. The sections you collect as you proceed your French braid should be more or less the same size to give uniformity and smoothness.
  • Now, take the section in your left over the mid, and hook it in the right index finger. You need to gently and slowly pull out the section of hair while not disturbing the French braid sections.
  • Let go of the section in your left hand and cut 1-inch section of hair, straight across the head, collect the mid-section and then pull the sections tight. Your fingers should be turned into a fist so they face the scalp.

Now, with your left index finger, hook in the section of hair in your right fist. Continue this way till you reach the end of your head and then collect all hair in one hand. Comb it once to get rid of any tangles and make it smooth. Now divide into 3 sections, without disturbing the French braid pattern and braid normally. Clasp the end with an elastic band.

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