English Braid is the most common type of a braid today, which everyone is familiar with. It is quick and easy to make. Learn tips on how to do a basic English braid in your own hair.

How To Do A Basic English Braid

The quickest and easiest way to style your hair is to braid your hair. It beautifies and styles a person's look. A braid, commonly known as a plait, is formed by intertwining three or more segments of hair into locks, to get a hairstyle down. Women can be seen sporting different kinds of braids today, namely, English, French, Dutch, Biker's, Heidi, lace, crown, rope, herringbone, etc. Amongst all these, the Basic English Braid is the most recognized one. Such is its popularity that today; even men with long hair are seen sporting the English braid on various casual and formal occasions. The braid looks best when done on medium to long hair. Read on to know the step-by-step instructions on how to do a basic English Braid.
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How To Make English Braid
A basic English braid is created by dividing the hair into three segments and then braiding them, using a simple weaving technique. Follow the simple steps given below, to make a simple, classy, yet elegant English braid.
Things Required 
  • Brush
  • Elastic bands/ ponytail holders
  • Hair Spray (optional) 
  • First of you, you need to gather your hair towards the nape of your neck and then brush it neatly, getting rid of all the tangles.
  • Now, divide your hair into three separate sections, all of them having equal thickness.
  • Take the right-most section and cross it over the middle one, taking it to the center. Now, the right section will be the center one.
  • Take the left section and cross it over the middle one, taking it to the center. The left section will now becomes your new center section. The originally right section will be on the left.
  • As you move the section from one place to the other, keep on tightening them as well, as desired.
  • Continue the process of braiding, till you have braided all your hair, until near end.
  • Now, use elastic bands to secure your hair. Using hair spray, you can spray your hair lightly to get the classic look, if required. 
  • Use a bobby pin to tuck the ends of the braid under the plait. This will help you get a sophisticated look.
  • Let small tendrils of hair loose around the face, if you want to get a softer, whimsical look.
  • Try braiding the hair only at the crown of your head, leaving the rest of the hair loose.
  • Divide your hair into two segments and braid on both sides of your head, to get a different look.
  • You can even double your braids, if you want to get a casual look.
  • Looping up your braid into a bun, while going for a formal occasion, is yet another option.

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