If you want to know how to do a French twist, this article will suit your need perfectly. Given here are complete tips to help you make French twist hairstyle.

How To Do A French Twist

One of the advantages that women have over men, in terms of looking good, is that they can don a variety of hairstyles. Though guys can also sport different hairstyles, like straight, wavy and spikes, the choice is very limited when compared with the range of hairstyles that women can choose from. One of the most stylish and suave hairstyle that a female can carry comprises of the French twist. It imparts an air of elegance and classiness to her. On top of that, it is very easy to style and can be done at home also. If you want some help, check out the information given below and know how to do a French twist.
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French Twist Hairstyle
Items Needed
  • Comb
  • Bobby Pins 
  • Comb your hair properly. Now, pull it back, just like you would do in case of making a ponytail, while smoothing it as you go.
  • Leaving your hair unsecured, gather it to the center back of the head. Hold all the hair in your left hand.
  • Making use of your right hand, bring the free end of the hair upward, towards the top of the head.
  • With the help of a comb, smooth out the hair completely and also grab any flyaways.
  • Start twisting the hair to the left, beginning from the base of the ponytail. Keep on twisting and tucking, till you see a slight twist forming.
  • Holding the hair in the same position, go back to the base of the ponytail.
  • Now, using the bobby pin, start pinning your hair into position.
  • Place a pin into the center of the head, while making sure that the open end faces to the left.
  • Next, grab some hair and move the open end to the right, in order to secure it.
  • Repeat the steps and keep moving up the twist, while securing and tightening as you go.
  • After you reach the crown of the head, stop tucking and pinning your hair.
  • Bring together all the hair that has still not been tucked in.
  • Now, you have two options. You can either tuck the remaining hair inwards into the twist, or create a swooping roll on the top.
  • Your French twist is ready to be shown to the world.

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