People prefer to do twist hairstyles, as they are long-lasting and look very stylish and elegant. Explore the article to know some simple tips on how to make twists in your hair.

How To Do Twist Hairstyles

Twist hairstyles are very elegant looking and extensively preferred for formal occasions. In fact, you would see many brides sporting this wonderful updo hairstyle on their wedding day, as it looks very graceful and beautifully complements the bridal dress as well. A lot of women go for the stylish hair twists even on semi-formal occasions. The best thing about twists is that they are low on maintenance and long lasting. You can even use hair extensions to flaunt this hair style, in case your hair is short. There are a variety of options to choose from, while going for twist hairstyles, such as the Afro-American twist, the French twist, etc. You can take your pick depending on the occasion and what suits your facial structure more. It is possible to make twists at home as well, without having to waste a lot of time. Explore the article to find tips on how to do the most stylish twist hairstyles at home.
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How To Make Twists In Your Hair 
  • For making a twist, you need to begin with freshly washed hair that is free of any product. You need to dry your hair, using a soft towel, to remove the excess water.
  • Now, get a good comb and part your hair. As regards the use of a hair product, it is entirely your choice. If you want, you may use the product on the sections of hair that you want to twist. Use a product that either contains a lot of moisture or is creamy. Gels are also preferable.
  • Start from the base of the neck and create one long vertical part of hair that stretches from one ear to the other. Once you have done this, you need to create your first twisted section of hair, by making a horizontal part. Hold the small section and split it into two parts. It is important to remember that the smaller the sections, the more twists you will have and your hairstyle will look fuller.
  • Now, begin twisting your hair tightly, wrapping the two parts around each other repeatedly. Move your comb over and twist the other horizontal part of your hair, following the same instructions. Move to the top of your head, following the same steps.
  • As you move on to complete your twist hairstyle, reaching the top of your head, determine whether your want a parting in your hair or not. If you want a side parting, take a comb and create a side part before your reach the top of the hair. Then, start guiding and parting the rest of your twists in the direction of the parting.
  • After you have finished with making twists and your hairstyle is complete, give your hair a little time to dry.
  • You can also unravel the twists, if you want a fuller look. Secure the ends till they are dry and then unravel them. Straight and naturally wavy hair will get a spiral look, similar to the hair curled by using perm rods.

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