The correct neckline can enhance the sophistication and elegant factor of a woman. Read on to know how to choose the right neckline.

How To Choose The Right Neckline

‘If you have it, flaunt it’. An elegant, swan-like neck teamed with the correct neckline is always an attention grabber. The right neckline not only enhances your beauty and complements your body frame but also speaks a lot about your lifestyle and your attitude. On a broader sense, it can be said that the right choice reflects your personality and represent who you are. There are innumerous patterns and designs to select from but the ultimate decision depends on certain factors like your body proportion, the frame of your face, your comfort level and so on. Fashionistas and celebrities all over the world, who are considered as the main trend setters, have exhibited a wide variety of designs like the famous ‘sweet-heart’ necklines which was adorned by the American socialite and actress, Edie Sedgwick in the 1960s or the very recent feminine pleated necklines worn by the likes of Beyonce and Jennie Garth. Apart from this, some other common necklines that are frequently seen on the ramp or on the Red Carpet are the plunging necklines, asymmetrical necklines, bejeweled necklines, Sabrina neckline, Queen Annie neckline, square necks, halter, and the very elegant portrait neckline. no matter what your shape or size is, there is always a neckline out there that is specifically suited to you and your body pattern.
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Tips For Choosing The Right Neckline 
  • If you have a short neck and want it to appear longer and more elegant, then you can opt for an attractive V-neck or a scoop pattern. However, avoid this if you have a double chin in which case you can use turtleneck designs.
  • For those of you who have a heart shaped facial outline, choose either the boat neck or the jewel neck designs. Also, the boat neck looks great on women who have long necks and smaller heads. This will make both look wider.
  • Draped neckline are especially meant for the big-busted women as they give them a leaner appearance by playing down the breast size.
  • A small bust-line can be emphasized with boat necks or jewel neck styles.
  • Younger women with toned skin and firm necks can show off by opting for the square designs. The depth of the neckline depends on your level of comfort and also on the situation you will be wearing the top to.
  • In case, you have rounded or small shoulders, strictly avoid the plunging necklines. These are specifically meant for those who have a well-proportioned and even body ratio.
  • For a wide, round face, use V-necks, square necks, scoop necks or mock turtle necks.
  • The best necklines for a long neck are funnel, cowl, mandarin, notched, convertible and turtleneck.
  • Victorian high collars also look stunning on those who have a thin and long neck. To give a more casual look, you can pair the top with nice, comfortable jeans or slacks.
  • Never wear a choker if you have a short or thick neck or in case you have a double chin. You can either go for the strapless or the V-necklines. An occasional banded front or an oval scoop will also look good.

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