Females have different body shapes and need to choose their dresses accordingly. Explore the article to know the varied women body types and learn how to determine your own.

Women Body Types

Body types are basically the description of any kind of human body shape. Your body type is something you can never change about yourself, no matter how much weight you lose, as it is your skeletal structure that determines your body shape. However, it is possible to disguise a disproportionate body shape, by wearing the right type of dresses. Among the various body types women have are petite, round, tall ad slender, curvaceous and others. Explore the article to know the different types of women body and determine your own body shape.
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Female Body Shapes
Smaller Top & Wider Bottom
Those women who have a smaller top and wider bottom body type have narrow shoulders, average breasts and a slender waist. Their hips, thighs and bottom are fuller than the breast. For such a body, the first priority is to create a fine balance among the body parts through dresses. Women with such a body should wear brighter colors and proportional prints. Boat-neck blouses and off-shoulder tops would suit them.
Bigger Top & Smaller Bottom
Women with bigger top and smaller bottom body type have slender bottom and bigger top portion of the body. Such women also need to create a sense of balance in their body proportion, through their dressing styles. Tops with deep neck lines, V-neck and scoop neck will make their upper part look smaller and proportionate to the bottoms. Pleated and tiered skirts and palazzo pants will also go well with their body type.
Tall & Slender
The women with a tall and slender body have small bust. Their waist and hips are narrow, while the arms and legs are long and lean. Such women should buy clothes that are long enough for them. They should wear lighter and softer colors, with texture fabrics, to add fullness to their body. Dark colors and body hugging clothes should be avoided. Jackets with large collars and big cuffs will look good on this type of body.
Women with a petite body are short in height and have small body proportions. They need to look taller and therefore, should go for long length, straight or boot leg pants, along with heels. Monochromatic colors and V-neck tops will also make them appear taller. Vertical prints, small and delicate patterns would create an illusion of height as well. Big patterns should be avoided, as they give the impression of an even shorter height.
Round Figure
Women with round figure have full bust and midsection. Their arms are heavy and lower legs are shapely and they have an over all round figure. Clothes with print and a slightly consistent pattern will suit women with a round body type. Monochromatic colors should be worn and dark colors need to be avoided. Vertical stripes will make them look slimmer.
Curvy Body & Small Waist
Women with a curvy body and small waist have natural curves and their bust, waist and legs are in good proportion, to make them look sexy. Fitted clothes are best for such a body type. Tops and dresses with biased cut will look perfect. Cropped tops and long boxy tops should be avoided. Pencil skirts and low rise pants are another good option for curvaceous women.

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