Using sticks to adore hair has long been followed in the fashion circuit. With this article, explore useful tips on how to use hair sticks, to make your hair-do look stylish & appealing.

How To Use Hair Sticks

Hair accessories are a great way to accentuate the look of your hair, without much effort. Apart from being functional, they add the much needed glitz and glamour quotient to your hair. While barrettes, snap clips and hair claws have dominated the hair styling sector for quite sometime now, hair sticks have cycled in and out of the hair fashion extravaganza, thanks to the misconception that hair sticks can only be worn by those who have long tresses. You may be surprised to know that hair stick can be used by all the people alike, irrespective of the length or texture of their hair. Available in a wide variety of colors and decorations, hair sticks make great functional and decorative accessory. However, at the time of selecting them, make sure you go for the ones that complement your wardrobe and jewelry. Now, if you are wondering how to use hair sticks, the tips given in the following lines would surely prove to be handy.
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How To Use Hair Sticks 
  • Firstly, comb your hair well and form a pony tail, securing it with a cloth-covered elastic band. If you looking forward to a low set bun, part your hair to the side and put the ponytail at the nape of the neck. In case you are game for a sleek, sporty bun, placing the ponytail higher up would be the best bet.
  • Now, insert the hair stick diagonally in between the elastic band and your scalp. Make sure that the pointed portion of the stick lies at the lower-left side and the thicker end is at the upper-right side.
  • As for the hair falling out from the pony tail,lift it up from behind the lower-left point of the hair stick. Wind it up around the ponytail, running behind the upper-right point of the hair stick. Continue to wind it in-between the two points.
  • When the entire length of the hair has been wound around, secure the ends at the base of the bun, using bobby pins or small clips. For an edgy look, you can even leave the end hanging outside.
  • In case you want to insert a second stick, make sure that it is parallel, perpendicular or slightly crossing the first one. You are now done with a sleek hairstyle, adorned by hair sticks. 
  • Whether it is a bun or braid, the hair should be tightly secured, before using the sticks. This is mainly because at the time of inserting the stick, the bun or braid is sure to loosen up a bit.
  • The stick should be strategically placed, so that it fulfills both the functional need and the need to look aesthetic.
  • Get hold of the stick at its widest portion. Do not use the top of the stick as a lever; else you might end up losing the ornaments that are adorned on it.
  • The stick should be inserted in such a way that the tip and the end are diagonal to each other. Also, the end of the stick should be protruding at least a fingertip in length.
  • Many-a-times, it gets difficult to control absolute dry hair. In case you are suffering from the same problem, work your way when your hair is still towel-dry.
  • Your sense of touch is the only reliable factor that would tell you whether the stick has been properly inserted or not. Only you can check for the firmness of the hair style.
  • Remember, it is not necessary that you would get th3e hair stick right at the first chance itself. Be patient and practice.
  • At the time of inserting the hair stick, do not apply too much force or you run the risk of breaking the hair stick or even worse, pulling off your hair.
  • Take care not to poke or gouge yourself with hair sticks. Be cautious at the time of insertion, as the sharp end can play a spoil sport.

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