Do you struggle to keep your smudging lipstick in place? Read the article to know some useful tips on how to make your lipstick last longer and save yourself the pain of regular retouching.

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Any cosmetic product doesn’t stay for long on your skin, and so is the case with your favorite lipstick. Lipsticks tend to smudge and spread out of your lips spoiling your prim and proper makeup on which you have spent hours. It is not possible to retouch your lipstick every now and then. However, it is possible to make your lipstick last longer by following some very simple tips. The article suggests some easy tips on how to make your lipstick stay for long. Read on to avoid being bothered by your smudging lipstick.
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Tips To Make Lipstick Last Longer
Exfoliate Your Lips
Just like your face, you lips also need exfoliating. In fact, it is the best way to make your lipstick stay for a longer duration. It can be done with a brush with soft bristles or a designated lip product. Dead cells on lips will make them chap and peel, not letting the lipstick to stay for long as they shed off when you apply cosmetic on them. You can also swab your lips gently to take off the dead skin. Apply a thick coat of lipstick, once you have exfoliated your lips properly.
Outline Your Lips
Giving outline to your lips is another nice way to make the lipstick stay for a longer period. Don’t forget to outline your lips before filling them with lipstick. Since the lip liner is made of a dry material, it will not let your lipstick smudge and come out of the lip area. Using a lip liner is a smart strategy because it also helps you lips stand out on your face, besides prolonging the stay of lipstick on lips.
 Blot And Reapply
Another strategy can be to blot the lipstick before applying another coat. First, apply your lipstick. Meticulously blot the first layer of your lipstick by using a double ply tissue. This will clear off excess lipstick and the oils present in it. This will make only the color and matte to stay on your lips and they tend to hold on the lips for long this way.
Use Powder
If you dab some powder on your lips, it helps the lipstick to stay longer. Powder induces dryness in your lips which balances the lipstick oil and prevents it from smudging. It helps to hold the color in place. You can also use a powder foundation as it works in the same way. Afterwards, the lipstick can be applied.
Other Tips
  • Avoid chewing or licking your lips as it makes the color disappear very quickly.
  • Don’t compromise with the beauty of your lips by using cheap cosmetics. Go for quality lipsticks. They may be expensive but will last longer on your lips.
  • Maintain the sticking quality of your lipstick by storing it in a cool dry place. Don’t keep in extremely humid and hot place to melt. It will smudge the moment you apply it to your lips.

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