Natural hair conditioners are not only better than the market-bought ones, but also lighter on the pocket. Read on to explore some natural hair conditioner recipes.

Natural Hair Conditioners

There was a time when hair care as well as skin care was considered to be women's prerogative. Men just concentrated on building biceps, a wide chest and six pack abs. However, all this has changed with time. Now, men are almost as conscious, if not more, of their looks as women. Especially hair care has become of utmost concern for both men and women, what with the pollution levels only rising with the passing days. And when hair care is concerned, how can conditioners be far behind. In this article, we have delved on the natural hair conditioners, which are nourishing for the hair and easy on the pocket. Let us explore all of them in detail.
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Natural Hair Conditioner Recipes
Egg Yolk
Break an egg and put the yolk in a separate bowl. Beat the yolk well, until it becomes frothy and then add 1 tsp of baby oil to it. Beat again. After shampooing your hair, add the yolk mixture to water and massage your scalp thoroughly with it and also work throughout your hair. Keep on for five minutes and then lightly shampoo your hair again. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
Peel an avocado and mash the pulp well. You can even beat the pulp in a blender, till it becomes creamy. Wash your hair and allow them to dry a bit. When they turn damp, and are not dripping wet, apply the avocado all over your damp hair. Now, cover the hair with a plastic cap and let the avocado stay on your hair for 30 minutes. Lightly shampoo and rinse well.
Put ½ a cup of real mayonnaise (not salad dressing) in a bowl and beat well. Now, peel ½ and avocado and mash its pulp well. Add the mayonnaise to the avocado pulp and mix well. Shampoo your hair well and then apply the mixture all over your hair and scalp. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, lightly shampoo your hair and rinse with lukewarm water.
Pout ½ cup olive oil in a canning jar and place it in the center of a saucepan that is half filled with water. Place the saucepan over low to medium-low heat. Let the water, and with it the oil, heat up. When the oil feels warm to touch, remove it from heat and add 20-30 drops of rosemary oil. Mix well and you have your hair conditioner ready to be used.  
Rice/ Wheat Barn
Rice and wheat barn also prove to be good conditioners. All you have to do is mix 6 tablespoon rice or wheat barn with enough hot water to form a thin paste. After shampooing your hair, apply the paste all over the scalp as well as the hair. Now, place a damp towel in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds. Wrap warm towel around your hair and let it set. Lightly shampoo your hair again.
Hibiscus Leaves
Get a handful of hibiscus leaves as well as the petals of the flower. Wash them well and then place in the blender. Add enough water to form a paste and then mix well. Shampoo your hair well and then apply the paste all over. Keep on for 25 to 30 minutes and then lightly shampoo your hair again. Your hair will be soft, silky and lustrous.

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