Straight hair is a rage amongst women, especially because straightening your hair with blow dryer is quite easy. The article gives some useful tips on how to straighten hair with a blow dryer.

How To Straighten Hair With A Blow Dryer

Straight hair is very popular even amongst men, not to forget its long time fans - women.  Long, straight tresses have been the epitome of beauty since ages, and never gone out of craze. However, not everyone is gifted with naturally straight hair. In fact, majority of the people crave to flaunt the stylish and elegant, straight hair look. Those with curly or wavy hair also have the option of straightening their hair using a blow dryer. Some simple steps are to be followed to make your hair looking beautifully straight. This article comes up with some tips on how to straighten your hair with a blow dryer. Read on to get tips on straightening your hair and avoiding that frizz.
Straightening Your Hair With Blow Dryer 
  • Once you set to straighten your hair, begin by shampooing, conditioning and towel-drying it, for removing excess water.
  • After your hair is dry, apply a generous amount of hair protector to your hair, with special focus on the ends, to avoid split ends. Hair protector is, basically, applied to protect your hair from damage due to excess heat, while continuous blow-drying.
  • Put a quarter-size dollop of straightening balm in your palm. Rub your palms together to spread the product through your hands, and then massage it evenly through hair.
  • Use your fingers to comb through your hair and blow-dry your hair gently on a low setting. This will unlock your curls and remove excess water, if any.
  • Divide your hair into neat sections and clip each of the sections. Blow dry your hair, one section at a time, without any hassles.
  • Begin blow drying from a small portion of the unclipped section, and then go for the large parts.
  • Use a thick brush and start pulling it through your hair gently, from the roots to the ends, while blow drying. Pull the hair away from your head, stretching and straightening it as you proceed.
  • Pull the brush through the underside of your hair, so that it is directly exposed to the heat of the dryer. Switch over to the top of your hair once that area is dry.
  • Keep the pressure consistent and evenly distribute heat over the section of hair you're blow drying. This ensures uniform straightening of the hair and prevents over or under drying of certain areas.
  • Before you shift to the other section, make sure that the previous section is fully blow dried and straightened. Blow-dry all sections of your hair using the same procedure.
  • Repeat the process, if there are still portions of hair that you need to straighten. 
Always point the dryer down as you blow-dry your hair, as blowing hair upward can cause frizz. Use anti frizz serum or pomade for flyaway hair. Place a few drops in your hand, rub gently to distribute it evenly, and then apply it your hair, following the product instructions.

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