Clipping toenails regularly would go a long way in giving you healthy and happy feet. With this article, explore effective tips on how to clip toenails.

How To Clip Toenails

If you want to flaunt a beautiful body, you need to take care of each of the body parts. Remember, it's not just the face that needs proper care. Your feet, though the most ignored section of the body, adds to the overall appeal and go a long way in determining your overall personality. Believe it or not, people spend crazy amounts to secure the best beauty and bath products for their hair, face, and hands, so as to make them look great, but when it comes to foot care, the answer is usually next time! However, you need to understand that your feet, toes and even toe nails are as important as your face. For instance, ingrown, discolored, infected or pitted nails can restrict you from wearing open toe shoes, flip-flops or sandals. They can also be the cause of a huge embarrassment in public. If you want to avoid such embarrassment, proper toe care is very important. One of the basic toe nail care tips, which we have covered in this article as well, comprises of regular clipping. In the following lines, we have provided effective tips on how to clip toe nails, just for you.
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Clipping Toenails
Things Required 
  • Tissue Papers/Newspaper
  • Foot Lotions
  • Nail Cleaners
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail Files
  • Nail Strengthening Polish 
  • Dip your feet in warm water for about ten minutes. Now, wash them with a mild soap and rinse well. This would soften the toenails and also assist in the cleaning procedure. Dry them with a soft towel, prior to starting the clipping process.  
  • Now, it is the time to spread tissue papers or a newspaper on the ground. This is mainly to ensure that all the clipped toenails get collected in one place and do not scatter here and there.
  • Next, sit on the ground placing your foot on the newspaper or tissue paper, which has been spread well. Hold your foot with your left hand and the toe clipper in the right hand.
  • Cut straight across the big toe nail. Repeat the same for the other nails as well. However, make sure not to cut too deep.
  • Once all the toenails have been cut, take the nail cleaner and remove all the dirt and dust present on the inner side of the toe nails.
  • Now, file the nails, using a nail filer. Make sure you file them in such a way that all the toe nails are of the same shape.
  • After filing all the nails, gather the tissue or paper with the nail clippings and throw it in the rubbish bin.
  • Apply a foot lotion on your toes. This would not only moisturize your toes, but also keep them fresh.
  • Last, but not the least; apply a coat of nail strengthening polish. Apart from strengthening your nails, the polish would also make them look healthy. 
Additional Tips 
  • Make sure you do not clip right into the corners. This would help you avoid painful ingrown nails.
  • At the time of clipping toe nails, cut them straight across or just above the tip of each toe.
  • To attain best results, clip the nails just after a shower/bath, when the nails are much softer.

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