Wearing a cravat is a good option, if you want to show off elegance and grace. With this article, explore tips on how to wear a cravat.

How To Wear A Cravat

“A well-knotted cravat is the first serious step in a man’s life.” - Oscar Wilde
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When you hear the word “cravat”, the first thought that comes to your mind is of sophistication and royalty. The image, which crosses your psyche, is essentially of a man who commands attention and respect from the even the rudest of people. The forerunner of tie and bow tie, cravat originated in 1630’s and was widely donned during World War I. However, till today, wearing cravat is considered to be a fashion statement. So, if you want a break from your tie routine and stand out from the crowd, looking elegant, you need to don a cravat. Read on to know how to wear a cravat, with the tips given in the following lines.
Wearing Cravat 
  • Before wearing a cravat, you need to pick out the right occasion. A formal event, like a Ball or formal wedding ceremony, is good for wearing cravat. However, avoid wearing the neckband to a casual event.
  • Shop for the fabric and hue of your cravat. It should match the style that you want to portray. A cravat is available in silk, satin and in many other fabrics, so the choice is entirely yours. In terms of colors, you can either go for classic hues like white, red, and black or go all out and opt for some vibrant color.
  • You need to decide on the style of cravat as well. You can create different styles with the neckband, say formal tie-like style or even less formal styles like scrunch and ruche. Depending on the occasion, you need to narrow down on one.
  • An easy way to tie your cravat is by draping the material around your neck. Now the same as you do with your tie, cross the long end of the cravat over the short one.
  • Take the longer end back again, to underside of the cravat and pass it through the loop, which you have made after the crossing.
  • Now, fold the longer end over the knot in a style that you prefer and pass the fold again or fasten it with a pin. The pin can be either simple or you can even match it with your cufflinks. The cravat pins can also act as an accessory and you can match them with your outfit.

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