Making your own arm warmer is the perfect way to spend your time on a chilly winter morning. Find out how to make arm warmers, with the tips given in this article.

How To Make Arm Warmers

While arm warmers are usually worn to prevent arms from getting iced in chilly winters, they can also be used as an add-on to your attire. Wonder how? It is simple. Just grab a pair of flashy tube socks or a turtleneck shirt from your closet and cut a cute set of arm warmers from them, to make yourself look unique and have an edge over others. In fact, fashionistas have made it a trend to complement their outfit with a set of trendy arm warmers. If you are interested to know how to make arm warmers for yourself, go through the instructions given in the following lines.
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Making Your Own Arm Warmer
Using Full Sleeve Shirt 
  • Choose a shirt that is made of a stretchy fabric. The lower portion of the sleeves should fit in your arms tightly. The lower hemline of the sleeve would serve as the lower hemline of the arm warmer.
  • Now, lay your shirt on a flat surface and stretch its sleeves to either sides. Cut the sleeves, up to the desired length, using scissors. You may opt for medium or long size arm warmers. Most people prefer wearing arm warmers that are positioned just around the elbow.
  • Create a small hemline by turning the cut fabric over twice and then stitching the hems by your hand.
  • You need to make finger holes at the end portion of the arm warmer. For the purpose, turn the sleeve inside out. Now, locate the position of the bottom cuff of the sleeve. By using an inch tape, measure exactly one inch up from the bottom of the cuff. Create a mark on your seam, at this point, using a marker. Now, cut away the seam from the 1" spot, using scissors.
  • Be sure to leave enough room for your thumb to slip into the hole, comfortably.
  • Give a finishing touch to the thumb hole by making a button-hole type stitch around it.
  • Your pair of arm warmers is ready! You may wear it towards the end, middle or upper part of your arms, as per your choice.
  • The best way to wear a pair of arm warmers made with a long sleeve shirt is to either scrunch it up or smooth it out and make it wrinkle-free. 
Using Tube Socks
  • Purchase a cute pair of tube socks, as per the size of your arms. You can buy socks made of cotton.
  • Now, unseal the pair of socks from its pack. Insert your hand in the opening of the tube sock.
  • Pull the sock all the way up your arm, in a very gentle manner. When the sock reaches your elbows, make a line, using a marker.
  • Pull the tube sock off your arm and cut it at the point where you have drawn the line with your marker.
  • If you want to maintain the rough worn look of the arm warmer, you may leave it as such. On the other hand, if you do not want to make its top portion rip, then add a hem to the top portion of each warmer. To do this, create a one-inch fold on the top side of the warmer and make a straight stitch all the way around, with a sewing machine.
  • Your cute looking arm warmers are ready!

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