There are so many hair products for guys available in the market that choosing one seems a difficult task. Explore through this article, how to chose a hair product for men.

How To Choose Hair Products For Men

The market is booming with hair styling products for men. The business of shampoos, conditioners, gels and several other beauty products, specifically meant for men, is flourishing day by day. In fact, guys are spending a lot of money at spas and grooming parlors. With the ever-increasing demand for specialized men’s grooming products, the market of these products is also thriving. Gone are those days, when boys used to apply oil on hair and style it in the 'simple gentlemen' look.  Now, with the availability of umpteen numbers of hair products in the market, style is more in. However, there is also a lot of confusion about what to use and what not. If you are also looking for something that suits your persona and hair care needs, we have given an idea of all the available categories of hair styling products for men, in the lines below. Read on to explore how to choose hair products for men.
Choosing Styling Products For Men's Hair
There are various kinds of hair products for men available in the market, right from fixatives to pliable. Also, there are hair-products available for all kinds of hair - thick, fine, curl, straight, as well as wavy. You can choose your hair products depending upon the kind of look you want. For example, if you have fine-textured hair and want to give the spiky look, you can’t do without the fixatives. On the other hand, if you have a rough hair texture and you want it to be soft (so that some cute girl can her hands through it), go with the pliable products.
Types Of Product
It is generally good to use water-based gel, if you want to get a wet and sleek look. However, please restrain yourself from buying a cheap hair gel, because it might make your hair break or flake off. The key to choosing the right hair gel for you is ‘the finer the hair, the lighter the product’. If you use a strong gel on fine hair, it will weigh down.
Hair Sprays
Hair sprays are basically meant to lock in the best hairstyles. Basically a hair spray is used as a finishing product. As in case of a gel, you need to select the product keeping in mind your hair type. If you have fine hair, even a light spray would be useful. If you are concerned about the natural luster of your hair, use hair sprays with sunscreen element.
Pomades are hair styling products that can be either water or wax based. They are basically used to give a wet, glossy look to the hair. They make a great option if you have thick hard hair. It can be used for shorter hair, in case shine is required. However, if you use pomades on fine hair, they will make it look greasy and limp.
Waxes are very much like pomade, but tend to be harder. They are petroleum based and prove to be great for providing shine. You can use them for controlling short haircuts, like flattops and buzzcuts. They are also great, if you need to manage your exceptionally thick hair. Avoid using wax on your fine hair; otherwise you will end up with a sticky, greasy look.
Very much like the pomades and waxes, a mud (or fiber) is used when control is required. Fibers give a matte finish to the hair, so they are very good for those who want the ‘right from bed’ kind of look. You can even give texture to short, disheveled hairstyles and add separation to long styles, with the help of fibers.
Creams are good for almost all kinds of hair. If you want to add shine to your hard and dull hair, they serve as a good option. For adding a little shine to your fine hair, a very small amount of cream will be enough. This product is also nice for curly hair, if you want to give it a shiny look and keep your curls together.
  • If you have fine hair, avoid using greasy products.
  • People with hard hair should avoid permanent usage of gel.
  • Excess usage of fixatives or wax based products can lead to premature graying of hair.
  • After you have come back from the party, make sure to wash off your hair and let it dry, so that your hair pores can breathe properly.

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