Choosing the right hair dye can be tricky, but we always have pointers to the rescue. Browse through this article for tips on how to choose the right dye for your hair.

How To Choose The Right Dye For Your Hair

Hair is all about the care you give it, and care includes shampooing, conditioning, oiling, trimming, and coloring. Most people at some point of time have given into their vivid desires and chosen to get their hair colored. Some go to professionals while the rest just head to the supermarket and pick up a hair coloring product they ‘think’ will look good on them. This is the root of all, evil, it really is! If you’re planning on getting your hair colored or already have colored hair and desire a change, remember you always have to consider a few variables. These variables will help you zero in on the right dye for your hair and also eliminate the chances of choosing the wrong hair dye. Make an informed decision! Read your way through this article for tips on how to choose the right dye for your hair.
Choosing The Right Color For Your Hair 

Beauty Is Skin Deep
Get yourself a mirror and take a good look in it. What’s the color of your skin? Is it a pale white, a deep brown, or does it emit a wheatish glow? Whatever be the answer to this question, make it a point to decide on a hair dye that complements the color of your skin. If you have olive or wheat colored skin, opt for darker colors. This will give you the best of both worlds. The color of your skin is complemented by the color of your hair and vice versa. If you have pink skin, go for a neutral color (ash tones) and steer clear of loud colors. Loud or bright hair dyes simply do not go with pink skin. If you have pale or almost colorless skin, you are lucky enough to be allowed to experiment with hair colors. This is because almost any color will complement pale skin. Also, try not to break the ‘golden rule of hair coloring’ i.e. ‘never choose a hair color that’s three shades lighter than the color of your skin’. 

Whatever Meets The Eyes
Don’t rush into getting your hair colored with a particular color after only considering the color of your skin. There definitely is more to it than meets the ‘eye’! Yes, the colors of your eyes do matter a lot when choosing the right dye for your hair. Warm colors like red, auburn, gold are best suited for people with brown, hazel, and green eyes. Light colors like ash or gold look best on people with fair skin and with blue, brown, or grey eyes. If you have eyes that are a deep brown or a richer shade of the same, do not make the mistake of choosing a light hair color. It will only result in a hair coloring disaster. Always use your sense of color when deciding on a hair color. Don’t just color your hair to make a statement or follow a trend. At the end of the day the color of your hair should complement the color of your skin and eyes, that is what’s most important. 

Clothes Maketh The Man(Or A Woman)
Go to your closet. Pull out all your clothes and start trying them on. If you’re not already aware of it, you’ll realize that only a few colors look good on you. It is this revelation or truth that will help you choose the right dye for your hair. If a red, orange, green, yellow and maroon tee or top look good on your, then you are mostly suited for hair colors like blonde, golden blonde, golden brown, auburn and burgundy. If you think you look good in purple, red, and grey clothes, it’s a neutral hair color that will suit you best. However, if you find yourself looking good in clothing colors like black, dark blue, fuchsia, dark green, maroon, or grey, you probably will look your best in cool hair colors. Hair colors such as ash blonde, ash brown, black burgundy and black are your safest bet.

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