Coloring your hair can dramatically alter your appearance and personality. Explore this article to know the various tips for choosing the right i.e. the perfect hair color for you.

Right Hair Color For You

One of the most common and exciting ways of expressing your individuality is through coloring your hair. The right hair color can lift your spirits to a new high and give you a new and much more glamorous personality. Often, choosing the right color can be confusing, whether you are using a hair color to brighten your own shade, to create a completely new look, or to cover gray hair. It is not an easy task and involves few frustrations and loads of tears, if not done correctly. Also, the increasing number of shades available in the market makes it all the more confusing to choose the perfect color. Although it can take some time to select the perfect hair color for you, given here are a few tips that can make sure that you pick the best one only. Read on further to know how you can select the right hair color for yourself.
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Choosing The Perfect Hair Color
  • First, determine your skin tone. You have a warm skin tone, if you have yellow or reddish undertones in your skin. You will have blue or pink undertones, if you have a cool skin tone.
  • Define your skin color by assessing whether you are light, medium or dark skinned.
  • If you have a light, warm skin tone, choose light and warm shades for your hair. Opt for shades such as golden blonde, beige blonde, light golden blonde, light auburn, light brown with golden or red highlights and strawberry blonde.
  • If your skin tone is fair and cool, choose a cool, light hair color. Select ashier shades, like platinum or silvery blonde, ash blonde, white blonde and taupe or light brown with wheat tones.
  • If you have medium or dark skin with warm tones, select a rich, dark hair color. Colors like chestnut, mahogany, copper, dark golden brown, golden brown with red highlights and honey brown will look fantastic on your hair.
  • If you have medium or dark skin with cool undertones, choose deep and red-toned shades. Shades like dark brown, plum, burgundy brown, black, slate or any of these with plum or burgundy highlights will work well on your hair.
  • You can also opt for highlights while coloring your hair. Using two different colors will maximize the results. Consult a hair professional to select a highlighting color that will compliment your base color well.
  • Get the help of a professional hair stylist, if you are unsure of your skin tones. He will be able to better assess your coloring needs and give advice on the best hair color for you.
  • Visit a wig shop and try on various wigs to see how various hair colors look on you. If permitted, click snaps of yourself with various wigs and then choose the one in which you look the best.

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