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Henna Hair Color

Henna is very often used as a conditioner and natural hair color by many who want a lustrous shine in their hair. Being a natural product with absolutely no chemicals, Henna can be used by almost everyone for coloring hair without really fearing for any drastic side-effects. Since Henna is a natural conditioner, it will give your hair a very long lasting shine as well as a silky texture. You can also use Henna to cover any gray hair, though you may have to apply around 2-3 coats to get the desired results. Find below some very useful Henna hair coloring tips
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  • First put a small amount in a bowl and mix it very finely into a soft paste with a mixture of lemon juice (2 lemons) and 10-12 drop of mustard oil. Do this much before you want to apply the paste since after mixing, you need to keep the paste for warming up for at least two hours.
  • If it is the first time you are applying henna, consider doing a strand test. Take a strand of hair and apply henna on it. Start applying from the roots to the tip. This way, you will come to know if you are allergic to Henna powder or the lemon juice. Don’t apply henna on the scalp.
  • Take a bowl with the paste, an applying brush, a head band to protect your face and ears and some newspapers to protect the floor from any spillage. Sit in front of your mirror and divide your hair into different sections, starting from the middle of your head. Start applying from the centre of your head. When you finish applying on one strand, roll it like a bun. Proceed on other strands in a clockwise direction and roll them into buns one over the other. This way, you hair stays in one place and it is easier to it wash off.
  • Leave the paste as it is for a couple of hours. When it starts to dry out, wash your hair. First, rinse your hair with lot of water to wash away the henna completely. Then, apply a bit of shampoo to wash it from behind your ears, hairline at the neck and the center of your head. Wash off again, towel your hair and let it dry normally.
  • Comb your hair slowly and remove the tangles. Never comb wet hair as hair is weak and tends to break easily. If your hair is not drying off, consider blow drying softly. You will see the shine and luster in your hair as soon as your hair dries off completely.
  • Effects of henna differ from person to person. Also, if the hair is permed or bleached, the effect may not be the same as on normal hair. Gray hair can turn a dark brown and the color may fade away with time. So people with gray hair who use henna as a natural dye are required to use it more often.

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