The knowledge of the art of natural makeup application coupled with daily exercise is what it takes to look good on an everyday basis. Find below some natural makeup tips.

Natural Makeup

It’s, perhaps, not a very uncommon thing to hear one gushing about how naturally beautiful a particular actress or even a certain colleague looked in their normal everyday life! But investigate a little further and you will find out that this look is not all that difficult to pull. For all one requires for this is the desire to look presentable, coupled with the knowledge of the art of natural makeup.  
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The art of applying a natural make-up so that one’s face does not look all made up, is not very hard to master. One, however, also improves with daily practice. In contrary to heavy make-up which ladies normally apply during weddings and parties, natural make-up is for everyday outings and offices. It not only makes one look well-turned out, but also indicates that he or she cares about one’s personal and professional impression on another.
The tools one will normally need for applying a natural makeup is a blush, blush brush, eye shadow, eyeliner, face powder, foundation, lip gloss, lipstick, makeup brushes and mascara. Before you begin applying make-up, it’s important that you understand what color of foundation, shadow and blush will suit your skin tone. How much of it to use and exactly which portion of your face you wish to highlight depends on your personal style.
Ensure that your concealer is yellow in tone since it hides minor flaws without adding any color of its own, thus giving your skin a very natural appearance. Use foundation that matches your complexion because it will simply seem to melt into your facial skin making it look smooth. Apply eye makeup in earthy tones like beige, brown, gold or plum for shadows and brown and charcoal gray for liner and mascara. You can also opt to skip using liner and shadow completely.
Then apply a blush color similar to the color of your cheeks for a natural makeup. Finally round it off by applying a natural hued lipstick or gloss on your lips. If you are not very adept in the art of make-up application, it’s always safe to keep it light until you are sure about what suits you and what does not. Remember make-up too has its limitations if one does not take proper care of one’s health.    
Proper exercising and good diet provides an inner glow and vitality to a person. Makeup can also help smoothen up one’s appearance. Odd as it may sound, but looking good goes a long way in providing success to one in both personal and professional life. Just notice all successful people around you – actors, models, corporate honchos and so on. Don’t they all look very well turned out? So what’s stopping you?

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