Wish to rock the prom night with a stunning backless wear but anxious of underplaying your assets? Here are some ways on how to get cleavage with a backless dress without going overboard.

How To Get Cleavage With A Backless Dress

Be it the red carpet shows or the posh black-tie events, backless dresses have always stolen the show with their sheer elegance and dare-bare glam. Backless dresses have been in vogue since long and have been sported by celebs and stars alike, with great panache and elegance. They look extremely feminine and sexy and are designed to bring out the best in a women’s body. This figure-flattering dress looks elegant enough to hook all eyes and can be an absolute show-stopper, only if worn right. While a backless dress looks all so hot and sexy, not every one can pull it off with flair. It takes a little courage and few tricks down the blouse to get that desired appeal. One rule of thumb when picking your backless dress is to get the right bra for that enhanced appeal. A flagging bust line is an absolute no-no, when it comes to wearing a backless dress. If you are due for a prom night and wondering how to turn your backless dress into a stunner without underplaying your assets, here are a few tricks for you. Read on to enhance your cleavage when sporting a backless dress and be the show-stopper.
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Ways To Enhance Your Cleavage With A Backless Dress
  • Backless dresses indeed make big impression and thus it becomes doubly important to get your curves, cuts and even the bare essentials right. No matter how gorgeous your black dress is, you simply can’t dare to wear one without a bra. Thus, the need for a well-fitted, well-camouflaged bra! It’s important to choose you bra size correctly. After all, you wouldn’t like to end up with a sagging bust line at the end of the day.
  • Not only can the size, even the kind of bra you choose can go a long way to determine your overall appeal. Dump your strapped bra and go for a strapless bra that would fit your backless dress to the tee. For a superior bosom sans padding, you can opt for a bra that fastens in front. A bra that knots in front pushes the breasts up revealing superior cleavage.
  • If you are game for too much of dare-bare gowns, getting a bra that matches your skin tone can bail you out. Pick a nude tone bra that suits your skin color - a white bra for absolute fair skinned people, a black or chocolate bra for dark skin tone and a peach or light brown bra for wheatish complexion should help. No matter which shade you choose, just bear in mind that it should be the closest shade to your skin tone.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the idea of going totally strapless, getting a bra with detachable straps can do the trick for you.  A convertible bra can be donned virtually with almost all kinds of dresses. If you are wearing a criss-cross back dress, you can adjust the straps to line with the belts of your dress. The same applies for halter backless dress too.
  • So what on earth do you put on when it comes to wearing a backless dress? You could potentially go braless, and risk sagging. Droopy breasts aren't sexy. You can have an extremely handy bra that wouldn't need to sling on your back. In that case, a backless bra would do the trick.
  • When sporting a backless dress, the last thing you need on earth is sagging breasts. Just hold on to a backless bra and romp the stage without having to worry about your droopy bust line. Backless bras aren’t just functional, they look sexy too. The plunging cups not only offer maximum support but the padding boosts an impressive curve too.
  • Remember, if you desire to display off additional cleavage in a very cleavage revealing dress, a good bra would indeed come handy. You can stuff in shoulder pad, sock or even tissue pamper into your regular bra for that enhanced cleavage.

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