Dressing right when meeting your girlfriend’s parents is crucial to the impression you will build. Read on to know how to dress to impress your girlfriend’s parents.

Dressing Right To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

‘Meeting the parents’ makes for almost every man’s nightmare! Why men tend to get extremely paranoid about meeting the parents of the girl they love is as good as one of life’s many mysteries. However, it’s not always as scary as you may think it is. Remember, the parents of your beloved are not monsters and only have in mind the best interests of their ‘little girl’. It’s important to address their fears, doubts, and anxieties. After all, they’re handing over their daughter to a man they mostly know nothing about. You’ve got to be honest, polite, diplomatic and confident too. However, there’s a flipside to the whole issue. You can do extremely well for yourself when meeting ‘her’ parents, but if you’re not dressed well, you may leave behind the doubt. You may even have your girl’s parents thinking that you just didn’t care enough to dress up or maybe were stupid enough to think that dressing up didn’t really matter. Make a move, read on to know how to dress right to impress your girlfriend’s parents.
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How To Dress Right To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents
  • Formal dressing is the way to go when meeting your girlfriend’s parents. You don’t want to look like a pesky college kid when ‘meeting her parents’ for the very first time. Your shirt and pants should be both laundered and pressed. You can also choose to wear a tuxedo, but that’s only if you think you should. Half sleeve shirts are best avoided, only because they do not complete the formal look. Stains and wrinkles on your clothes are simply not allowed. Remember, most parents will make it a point to notice everything about you; even the slightest of aberrations will be taken into account.
  • Belt, shoes, and socks are most important accessories! Your belt should compliment your shirt and pants. A black belt is the safest option. However, if you plan on wearing a brown shirt with a cream or grey pair of trousers, a brown belt is as safe as it gets. As far as shoes go, stick with the basics. A pair of classy black shoes is what you should be looking at. Also, don’t even think about wearing a pair of black shoes when wearing a brown shirt. Brown shoes are the way to go when wearing a brown shirt. As for your socks, try opting for a dark pair. A black pair of socks will only help in complementing your overall look. White socks cannot be worn any and everywhere. Sporty socks are as good as banned.
  • Opt for neutral colors. Shirts that are flashy and draw too much attention can be worn on a night out with friends. For the date with the parents, zero in on blues, blacks, grays and browns. You don’t want to show up at your girl’s house looking like a Christmas tree. Remember, as far as parents go, an old school and ‘boring’ approach to color can never go wrong.
  • Looking fresh and clean for your meeting with the parents is extremely important. Take a shower, shave, and make sure you’ve got enough of rest before you embark on the journey to meet your girl’s folks. The first impression always counts! You can look as fresh as a flower at the second meet, but looking tired and in need of a scrub during the first meet will be hard to forgive.

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