Do you want to become the envy of others on the opera night, by dressing in the most elegant way? Read the tips given here and know how to dress for an opera performance, in a classy way.

How To Dress For Opera

Dressing for opera can be an exciting and enthralling experience, as it’s a big night out. However, for the first-timers, choosing an outfit for an opera night can be a complex exercise. You can’t afford to be underdressed at such a mega event, or it may leave you feeling embarrassed. It is advisable to go for an outfit that matches your level of modishness and flamboyance, to rock the opera night with panache. The article comes up with some wonderful tips on how to dress for opera. Just follow them to stand out amongst others, with a dashing and enviable look.
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Dressing For An Opera Performance 
  • First of all, you need to find out if there is a specific dress code for the evening, so that you can dress accordingly. It is also advisable to take the location of the opera into consideration, when deciding on your dress. For casual places, you need not be too adorned, but big metropolitan cities may ask for a more formal dress-up.
  • Shorter length dresses, ranging from knee-length to minis, are appropriate for women, in case of summer opera events. Make sure to give the right look to your hair. Also, take special care of your make-up and shoes. Go for a clutch type purse or one that is small and easy to handle. For men, tuxedos are common at the opera.
  • If you are going for a casual dress-up, or if formal wear is not an option, wear semi-formal clothes. The acceptable semi-formal wear for women is a nice blouse, along with a skirt or dress slacks. Women can also go for a cocktail dress, as it is quite popular for opera. Men can do with black or mid-night blue colored suit or slacks with a shirt and tie. White tie can be worn on the opening night.
  • Go for trendy and stylish hats in winter. Smaller hats will do better in complimenting your outfit. Don’t let your hat overpower or dominate your outfit. A towering hat will also block the view of the person sitting right behind you. However, if you are wearing a big hat, make sure to remove it during the performance.
  • Jeans is a strict no-no for an opera event. It will make you look extremely underdressed for a gala event, like that of opera. Some people do wear jeans for opera. However, it is nowhere close to a dress that flatters you and can even make you feel out of place.
  • Ensure that your clothes are well-fitted and comfortable. Don’t wear fabrics that wrinkle easily. Wrinkled clothes will spoil your look and your dressing effort will go completely wasted. Avoid clothing that requires adjustments. The dresses that causes an itch or tighten up can be substituted by loose fitting and comfortable materials.
  • When attending an opera, be sure that class and style is your theme for the night. Consider dressing like you would for an evening wedding; it will prove to be of great help.

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