In case you are wondering how to dress in hip hop style, it is quite easy, with the help of simple clothes and accessories. To know how to wear hip hop, read on.

How To Dress Hip Hop

Music has always influenced the lives of people. It is known to be a universal language and appeals to one and all. Everybody has a different taste in context of music, as to what type of music they like. This taste greatly influences the lives of people around. The power of music is such that it overcomes all. A hip hop dressing style corresponds to hip-hop music. In effect, the hip hop music fans completely lose themselves in its current. Hip hop style is basically about doing everything over the top. It is about exaggeration and going overboard. Wearing baggy clothes and flashy jewelry define hip hop. As a style, hip hop is wide spread and also on a constant change. There are no limits to making overstatements when it comes to dressing up in the hip hop style. Also, there is constant revival of the old hip hop fashion. With the world-famous singer and rappers setting clothing trends for hip hop, the new becomes old and the old becomes the new.  To know how to dress in hip hop style, read on.
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How to Wear Hip Hop
  • Dress yourself in bright, loud ensemble. Express yourself freely and go bold with color.
  • To give your outfit that kick, accessorize each outfit with loads of add-ons, such as glittery platinum or gold chains and rings.
  • Wear clothes that exude attitude, such as t-shirts with big logos, baggy pants and branded boots or kicks (sneakers) for an everyday street look.
  • For a cooler look, you can don an oversized athletic jersey, which is quite popular in the hop-hop style. Add shades along with your accessories to complete the style.
  • Expand your horizons in terms of your dressing sense. Women nowadays can easily wear things pertaining to male style. It is perfectly acceptable for women with attitude to wear baggy jeans, tight singlets, big polo shirts and trainers. Don't forget the trucker caps.
  • You can wear low-waist skirts and jeans to flaunt your back for a more feminine touch. Tight fitting shirts can be worn to accentuate your bosom. Make sure you look sexy and powerful, no matter what you wear.
  • Camo pants or capris teamed up with hoodies or sweat shirts also lend a positiv e, strong and upbeat look.
  • Girls can accompany tight tops with short shrugs and really casual pants. You can also sport cargo shorts along with a nice colorful hoody or jacket.
  • If you are wearing cargo pants or any over-sized bottoms, you can roll up one leg for that cool appearance. This way you also get to brandish your hip hop shoes!
  • For inspiration, you can look up to your favorite artists such as Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, Eve and Lil Kim and try to imbibe their fashion statements.
Dressing up hip hop is not that difficult. Plus, you need not spend a fortune to buy hip hop clothes. Hip hop is about being causal and funky at the same time. So, a pair of low waist jeans with a long t-shirt or jersey is good enough to put you in the hip hop category of dressing. You may have to embellish a little more when it comes to attending parties or any functions. Hip hop is perhaps the coolest of the dressing styles, the most casual and affordable. Although in recent years, a lot of prominent fashion brands have come up with designer hip hop clothes, which have kicked up a lot of criticism because of their expense. Nevertheless, one can always choose to be the cool girl/guy next-door by keeping it simple yet appealing.

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