In this article, we provide you with some tips and expert advice on how to look masculine. Read on to find out more.

How To Look Masculine

In today's society, the male is getting popular with each day. There are men who want to look good, handsome, macho, attractive and masculine all the time.
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It doesn't matter whether you want to show off those muscles of yours, or you want to look masculine through your personality, just read on. In this article, we tell you how to look masculine and macho.
  • Tattoo - It doesn't really matter whether it is a permanent tattoo or just a stick on. What matters is where you get the tattoo made. If you have muscles on your hand, you can get the tattoo made there since your arms are the first thing that will be visible to someone (apart from your face, of course) who is interacting with you. 
  • Walking the walk - You can walk with a limp. Yes, that's true! There is a strange manly behavior attached with a limp. May be it's an old injury or perhaps you got your leg cut; it keeps the other person wondering all the while. But make sure, when you are asked about your story, you have one very interesting tale to tell. 
  • Throw the razor - Yes, stop shaving. A man with a little grown beard looks manly, no doubt. Do not however, go overboard with keeping beard. A little dirty look can go quite a long way in projecting that bad boy, manly look. 
  • Clothes - You can try different kinds of clothes to look masculine. Cut up your clothes, for example. The shredded look is out of fashion these days, but you should not care about it. On the contrary, something that is not "in fashion" can look quite attractive and macho. 
  • Stay Fit - A good healthy body and glowing skin is a sign of a masculine man. Drinking lots of water or fruit juice will go a long way in taking care of your health. 
  • Exercise - Lift weights if you want to develop those muscles, and show off. Also, regardless of your body type, a six pack abs seems to be considered absolutely the best when it comes to having a masculine body. 
  • Confidence - Now, if you are confident, you will look masculine. Exude confidence in the way you walk or talk, or do anything. Being confident is surely a trait of a masculine man. Confidence and other moods show through in your body language, so be confident and you always be comfortable.

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