If dressing casually for a night out seems to be a confusing task to you, read this article. We have listed a number of tips to help you know how to dress for a casual night out.

How To Dress For A Casual Night Out

It is a basic human instinct to try out anything that makes him/her get noticed. One of the first things that people do, to serve the purpose, is to dress in an attractive way. This is quite visible at night clubs, pubs and discothèques, where singles and all those party animals try to make their presence felt, by dressing up in the most unique and possibly, the most striking way. If you are also one amongst them, then you would want to look as eye-catching as possible, at each night out. Want to do something different for a casual night out this time? If yes, then go through the following lines. Given below are the tips, which will guide you on how to dress for a casual night out and become the center of attention.
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Casual Dressing Tips For A Night Out
For Women 
  • Talking about the attire, it should be as casual as it can be. What about layered tops? Sound cool, doesn't it? Check out the collection of layered tops in the nearest shopping stores. Pair it with a chick denim skirt and get noticed in the party! Capri pants are also in hot trend. Another idea is to go for a skirt that cuts just below the knee.
  • Try something different with your hair. Part it in a zigzag or oblique line. Another idea is to pull it back, provided you have a narrow forehead to flaunt. One of the hot trends in hairstyle for women is pony-tailed hair, with shiny beads as accessories. This hairstyle is simple as well as perfectly suitable for a night out.
  • Complement your attire with a suitable pair of footwear. Go for clunky shoes, as they look casual, adding elegance to the overall attire at the same time. Thick soles pair well with jeans, while pencil heels are the best option for skirts.
  • The final addition to your casual look for night out will comprise of accessories. Choose sparkling necklace, earrings and bracelet. You can also try precious or semi-precious gemstone stud earrings and matching necklace, for your night out. 
For Men 
  • Talking about the attire, try a collared shirt, with a casual jacket. Denim jeans would be the best bet, to provide a casual look. V-neck t-shirt would also serve the purpose well. Apart from jeans, you may also wear khakis; depending on how informal is the outing. If you want to wear trousers, make sure that they do not have pleats or they will look too formal.
  • Stylize your hair in such a way that it looks neither too funky, nor too formal. Go for an informal hairstyle. You may make use of hair gel for a moist look. The choice of hair styling product will depend upon the texture and type of your hair.
  • Choose your footwear as per your outfit. You may go for sneakers, if you have worn a pair of jeans. It is suggested to wear simple leather shoes, in case you have chosen pants or khakis.
  • To provide the finishing touch, accessorize yourself with cool chains and bracelets. Belts can also serve as accessories. So, pull out a chic belt from your casual wardrobe and flaunt it with élan.

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