Want to impress a cute girl in the club or make a sexy guy fall in love with you? Well, this is the right article to know what to wear and how to dress for a night club.

What To Wear To A Night Club Party

Most dance halls, night clubs and after-hours bars have an extremely youthful, energetic and modern atmosphere. Dressing up appropriately is the most significant factor while hitting a night club. Your dress has to be in context of fashion as well as for comfort amongst those sweltering heat of bodies packed on the dance floor. When dressing to impress those sexy ladies out at the club, your choice has to be stylish such as a flashy, attractive shirt which is boldly patterned in some way. While you girls who want those guys to run flat on you should slip on a sensational outfit with perfect cuts. To know more on how to dress up for a night club, read through the following lines.
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How To Dress For A Night Club
For Men
  • Wear slacks or some nice jeans. While choosing jeans, go for a trendy jean preferably a brand name. You can also opt for khakis or darker-toned pants.
  • T-shirts are a big ‘No’ for the club. Instead, go for a buttoned collared shirt made of a light fabric (no billowing silk shirts). It should not be baggy and must rest nicely on the man’s chest without being too tight.
  • Wear leather dress shoes that are comfortable. Your shoes and belt should be brown in case your outfit is earth-tone colored. In case you are wearing black and grey colors, go for black shoes and belt.
  • Clothes that you should avoid when hitting the night club are white jeans, turtle necks, tank tops, tapered pants and elastic waist pants.
  • Most importantly, while dressing up for a club, wear a modest amount of cologne.
  • Run some gel through your hair to give it a clean and groomed look.
  • Put back the heavy gold chains and avoid tufts of chest hair peaking out from beneath your opened shirt. 
For Women
  • Choose a dress or dress pants or skirts with a nice and sexy blouse. You can also go for layers as it sends a sexy vibe to the men when you remove a cardigan to reveal your spaghetti-strap blouse.
  • Put back your khakis and jeans at home and get out your pants and skirts in varying lengths of shortness.
  • The color of your dress is as important as your dress itself. Use a splash of vibrant color to be tasteful and stand out from the rest. Avoid going overboard with these colors. You can go for clothes with a bit of shimmer or sheen but frilly patterns are just not acceptable for a club.
  • Dresses with cuts flatter your body. If you are heavy in the bottom half, choose an empire waist cut to show your slimmer waist and mask your larger half. This goes the same for large-breasted women also.
  • Women with right curves at right places should wear fabrics to conform their contours. Good options are satin, polyester and rayon.
  • A sexy pair of shoes is a must for the club. Choose a nice pair of black or gold shoes that expose your well-manicured foot.
  • Considering your make-up, smoky eyes and lush lashes are sufficient. If you are planning to be heavy on the eyes, reduce the lip color to a gloss or if you want to coat your lips in a dark, smashing red, spare the eye shadow.
  • Give your body a shine by dusting body glitter on your strategic parts such as your collarbone.
  • Clip up small and sparkly barrettes in your hair.
  • Complete your look with subtle accessories such as a nice necklace and dangle earrings.

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