The homemade acne mask will help you to get rid of acne & make the skin glow. Read this article to find some acne masks that can be made at home.

Homemade Acne Masks

Acne, scientifically known as Acne vulgaris, is a common skin condition arising as a result of overproduction of oil of the oil glands in the skin. It usually affects teenagers (over 89%); both girls and boys, when there are a lot of hormonal changes going on in the body. Acne usually affects the face and upper neck of the body but can also affect other body parts like chest, back and shoulders. It usually affects the looks of a person and is painful too. Hence it is important to treat it with natural products that are both effective and known for their natural goodness. Explore this article to find some useful hand masks that can be made at your own home. So, stop worrying and say goodbye to those ugly scars on your face. Forever!
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Homemade Acne Mask Recipes
Baking Soda Mask
This kind of mask will require just the use of some baking soda and water. Take a small bowl and mix some baking soda with water in it to make a paste. Now, clean the acne on your face using a cleanser and then apply it over the affected area. Keep it for around an hour and then rinse it off to find a clean and softer skin. Apply it thrice a week to get rid of acne completely.
Cucumber Mask
Cucumber has come up as a natural healer for many problems in the body and acne is one of the many problems which can be solved by it. Crush half cucumber in a blender and make a paste of it by adding rose water in it. Now, generously apply this mixture on the face and leave it on for 20 minutes or till it is semi-dry. Rinse off to find a glowing skin and quick relief from acne.
Honey And Apple Mask
To prepare this mask, grate one medium sized apple and mix it with 4 to 5 tbsp of honey. Apply this mixture on your face and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and find a beautiful glow on the skin.
Oatmeal And Onion Mask
Peel a small onion, chop it into pieces and then work it in the blender to make a puree. In the meanwhile cook ½ cup unflavored oatmeal, let it cool and then mix it with onion puree. When the mixture is cold, apply it on the face and leave it for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water to find a radiant skin. You can keep this paste in refrigerator to use it again.
Multani Mitti Mask
Take one tbsp multani mitti (fuller’s earth), one tbsp carrot juice, one tbsp honey and ½ tbsp garlic paste and mix it to form a paste. Apply this mask on the face for 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Rinse it again with cold water to find a shining skin.
Egg White Mask
This is another effective mask to treat acne. You just need to remove egg yolk from the egg white part and then whip the egg white part till it becomes frothy. Now, apply it directly on the face and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and then rinse it with cold water to close the open pores. The mask will not only help you to get rid of acne but will also help in tightening the skin.

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