In case you are stuck with the question of 'how to get rid of birthmarks', this article is just what you need. Go through the following lines and explore the best ways to remove birthmarks.

How To Get Rid of Birthmarks

Birthmarks can be described as those naturally occurring scars that are present on our body right from the time we take birth. While some such marks are only visible when you take a closer look, there are others that show their ugly face from a distance only. In the latter case, it becomes very important to get rid of the marks, lest they start affecting your confidence and self-worth. In this article, we have listed all the basic information on how to get rid of birthmarks. However, before you adopt any of the procedure given below, make sure to seek the opinion of a doctor.
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Ways To Remove Birthmarks
Direct Medication
One of the most common ways to get rid of birthmarks comprises of direct medication. In this case, corticosteroids are either injected directly into the birthmark or taken by the affected person orally. The medication puts an end to the growth of birth marks and also makes them shrink. As you start with the treatment, the birthmark shrinks within 2 to 4 weeks. However, corticosteroids have a side effect as well - they lead to weight gain, though the excess weight disappears as soon as you stop the medication.
Stronger Pills
There are some cases in which corticosteroids do not succeed in preventing further growth of the birthmarks. In such as case, the doctors prescribe some very strong pills. Though the medicines have a significant effect on the birthmarks, they also result in a number of side effects, which are quite serious in nature. Such pills make the marks shrink three to six months of therapy, but might cause you to suffer from fever, irritability and liver problems.
Laser Therapy
In the present times, laser therapy has appeared as one of the most popular procedures for the removal of birthmarks. It is especially opted for by those who want quick results, without much pain or side effects. Laser therapy works the best in case of birthmarks that are near the surface of the skin, like port-wine stains. The shallower the birthmark, the more effective will be this therapy. It does not work too well on hemangioma.
Surgical Procedure
If you feel that none of the other options seem to work, then going for a surgery will be your best bet, to get rid of the birthmarks. This holds especially true in case of the marks that located on an internal organs and are interfering with your ability to function daily. However, before doing so, be aware of the fact that it has all the probability of resulting in the formation of a scar, though it would be much preferable to your birthmark.
Alternative Methods
In the present times, two more therapies for birthmark removal have emerged, known as cryosurgery and electrodesiccation. In the first case, the birthmarks are frozen by spraying a freezing agent onto the skin. As skin undergoes a healing procedure, the marks also start disappearing. In case of electrodesiccation, electric needles are used to treat the affected area and rid it of the ugly birthmarks.

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