Tying a Windsor knot tie may seem tricky to the beginners. Find out how to tie a Windsor knot.

How To Tie A Windsor Knot

The thick, wide Windsor knot of a necktie is named after the Duke of Windsor, a peerage title given to King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom. The Windsor knot reflects the true English style of dressing-up for formal occasions. The popular knot is best suited for men with a long neck, because the wide form of the knot tends to shorten the height of the neck, a little bit. Dress shirts with wide spaced collar are best suited for sporting a Windsor knot tie. The thick, wide and triangular appearance of Windsor knot would help you project your confidence, whenever you are on a business meeting or a formal lunch or even when you are attending an interview. Find out how to tie the perfect Windsor knot, with the instructions given in the following lines.
Tying A Windsor Knot Tie 
  • The first step is to unbutton the top button of your shirt. Now, lift the collar of your shirt, to slip in the tie.
  • As you raise the collar of your shirt, place the tie around your neck in such a way that its wide portion hangs down on the side of your dominant hand.
  • Even if you are a lefty, it is better to hang down the wide portion of the tie on the right hand side, because by doing so, you would be able to tie the tie easily.
  • The wide end of the necktie should extend approximately 12 inches below its narrow portion (which is on the left).
  • Now, you need to place the wide portion of the necktie across its narrow portion, which is on the left.
  • It is the time to drape the wide end of the tie on your left hand side. Next, put the wide end over and across the narrow end, to tie a knot or loop.   
  • After making a loop, bring the wide end of the tie up through the knot that you have just made, between your collar and tie. Slowly pull the wide end out, towards the left side and then back downwards.
  • Now, position the tie in such a way that its inside is facing out. To do this, you need to bring the wide end of the tie back underneath the narrow end and to the right.
  • Put the wide end back through the loop and to the right again, so that the wide end is facing inside out.
  • Pull the wide and thin ends of the tie in a gentle manner, below the knot, so that the knot is made tight.
  • Pull the wide end up through the loop again, and then cross it back over the front of the tie's knot.
  • Now, fasten the top button of your shirt, hold the narrow portion of the tie with your left hand and slide the knot up to your collar, with the help of your right hand.
  • Flip your collar down and your Windsor knot is ready to be sported in front of the whole world!

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