Ties are an integral part of formal attire. Steer through this article to know how to tie bow ties.

How To Tie Bow Ties

Formal attire is incomplete without a tie. Whether it is a wedding or just a black-tie dinner, bow ties are worn by many men during any formal occasion. The bow tie is generally of two types – the butterfly style and the batwing style. The bows look like an hourglass in the former, while the batwing style is characterized by narrow rectangular ends. The freestyle or self tie bow tie is considered to be the true bow tie where the user has to tie the bow himself. Bow ties are also available as clip on bow ties where the bow is attached with a small clip that you can directly tuck into the caller of your shirt. These ties cannot be bound around the neck like traditional ties. Bow ties are also available as pre tied bow ties where the bow is already tied along with a narrow band of fabric that drapes around the collar and hooks the bow in place. However, bow ties are relatively difficult to tie when compared to a regular necktie. Nevertheless, no matter how complex it looks, if you know how to tie a shoe lace you can also tie a bow tie, after all the knot is the same! With little practice you can master the art easily and you don’t have to rely on a pre-tied bow tie anymore. Just read on to learn how you can tie a bow tie easily.

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Tying A Bow Tie

  • The bow tie
  • A mirror
  • Stand in front of the mirror and adjust the length of the tie so that it fits your neck size.
  • Lift up the collar of your shirt and drape the tie around your neck. Do it in such a manner so that the ends hang down in the front.
  • Remember, both the ends should not be equal. Instead, one end will hang about one and half inches lower than the other.
  • Turn the longer end and bring it behind the shorter end so that you can make a simple knot.
  • Pull the knot around your neck so that that it fits properly. Don’t make it too tight as that might make it difficult for you to breathe.
  • Fold the shorter end so as to form an hourglass shape. Ensure that the bow shape is in the front. The bow shape should be horizontal to your neck.
  • Now drape the longer end and bring it in front of the shorter end.
  • Fold the longer end in a manner so that an hourglass shape is formed just like the first bow.
  • Make another bow with the long end. Now bring the second bow under the first bow.
  • Tuck the second bow in the space just behind the first one.
  • Adjust the two bows so that they are just in the middle of your neck, perfectly horizontal in position.
Quick Facts About Bow Ties
  • Bow ties are usually made up of silk or polyester and are available in different widths.
  • From James Bond to Fred Astaire, bow ties have been popularized by many famous characters.
  • Although bow ties are associated with formal clothing, bow ties are also a part of “preppy” clothing.
  • While white and black bow ties are reserved for formal attire, bow ties are also available in different colors and patterns.

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