Check out how to keep your hair straight.

How To Keep Your Hair Straight

It does matter how you carry your hair, especially for girls as boys mostly keep their hair short in which case straight or curly doesn’t really matter. Curling of the hair is only natural even for those who are genetically blessed with straight hair. It is only that some have curlier hair than rest. The curly look can become quite a limited style, and those who wish to experiment with their hair, like dyeing or punk, natural curly hair can prove to be more of a hindrance. It is here that straightening measures come to play. Such is the popularity of straightening irons that they have joined the lip gloss and mascara in a majority of the girls’ vanity box today. But the problem is that the straightness done by straightening iron doesn’t hold long and repeated ironing inflicts severe damage on the hair. The safest bet is to ensure that the hair remains straight for as long as possible. This you can do in a variety of ways and they are also quite effective in keeping the hair straight. Given below in the article are the various ways to keep the hair straight.
Ways To Keep The Hair Straight
  • Hair curls up more quickly due to humidity. So, you can apply a silicon-based straightening serum or pomade all over the hair. This will protect the hair against humidity, thereby helping you keep the hair straight.
  • Using hairspray can also keep the hair straight. Spray both the top and underside of the hair with hairspray. This will keep the hair straight.
  • Mix one part of grated coconut and one part of lime juice. Apply this mixture thoroughly on the hair and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Rinse the hair and straighten it. This is an excellent home remedy and will keep the hair straight for a longer duration.  
  • Apply petrolatum, mineral oil and lanolin-based cream on the hair. Make sure that you apply the cream after dampening your hair. Thereafter, comb the hair straight. This is very effective in all types of hair and lasts until the next hair wash.
  • Drying causes the hair to curl up. So, when you blow dry the hair make sure that you do it by holding the hair straight with a comb. The hair will then stay in that straight position.
  • Using a flat iron can keep the hair straight. Wash the hair first and using a towel soak the excess water. Then comb the hair. Then use the flat iron to straighten and dry the hair.
  • Another method is to apply a keratin-based cream on the hair. After applying the cream, iron the hair straight. The protein will crystallize on the hair and keep it straight. This cream can also hold the straightened effect good for a couple of washes.
  • Before going to sleep, wash and condition the hair. Then dry the hair downwards with a towel. Using a wide tooted comb, gently comb the hair and then wrap them in a tight turban and sleep. In the morning, you will find the hair straight.

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