Short hair is so much more fun than long hair; there really are tons of ways to style it. Explore this article for know-how on the different types of short wedge haircuts.

Short Wedge Haircut

Everyone wants to look good, everyone wants to stand out in a crowd, but sadly not everyone can. It takes more than just spunk to carry an edgy look and carry it off well. Talking about edgy, it hardly gets edgier than short wedge haircuts. Short wedge haircuts are all about short hair—hair that’s cut to just fall a little above the neck to be specific—textures and layers. For that perfect short wedge haircut it is important to hire the services of an expert hairstylist and also know exactly what kind of short wedge haircut you want. It is important to get to that expert hairstylist because only he/she can help you get that perfect short wedge haircut. It is important to know exactly what short wedge haircut you should be getting because there are a lot of styles that you can choose from. Thus, it becomes so much more important to know exactly what short wedge hairstyle you desire and what short wedge haircut you believe you can carry off.

Types Of Short Wedge Haircut

Classic Short Wedge Haircut
If you are looking to stay conventional with the short wedge haircut, although the haircut is far from conventional, you can stick to the classic short wedge haircut. When you opt for this haircut, your stylist will first cut your hair short. As long or as short as it should be to just gently kiss your shoulders. Then begins the layering, your stylist will cut longer layers at the back and at the sides of the head too. When your stylist is going about the layering, it may look like your haircuts going to go bad, but knowing the short wedge haircut, it surely won’t. The short hair wedge haircut will depend on the angle the stylist chooses to cut your hair in. A subtle change in the angle can lead to a lot of differences. So, if you are looking to go over the top, you may want to ask your hairstylist to cut your hair at an angle! 

Short Wedge Haircut With Bangs
The short wedge haircut with bangs is just like the short wedge haircut, except that it has bangs. For this haircut, your stylist will use wedge cutting techniques to get a tapered back. Pains will also be taken to layer your hair. Your hair will be kept longer at the front to style it into bangs that ideally should fall onto your forehead or onto the sides of your head. The short wedge haircut with bangs is all the rage now; you may however need a lot of spunk to pull this one off!

Angled Short Wedge Haircut
For the short wedged haircut, hair that’s closest to the nape of the neck and at the back of the head is first cut short. Post cutting the hair short, it is tapered and layered to make it look slightly angled. It is the angles in this haircut that make it look so chic. For that out-of-the-world or edgy look, you can feel free to style the front of your hair with bangs.

Layered Short Wedge Haircut
Although the short wedge haircut is all about layers and angles, the layered short wedge haircut is that much more about layers. If you to choose to go in for short wedged haircut, your hairstylist will probably cut your hair short, until it reaches the nape of the neck and then create layers around the crown of your head. To stand out of the crowd with this hairstyle, you can also feel free to experiment with layered bangs at the sides of your head.

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