As if the deficiency in the height was not enough, short people also have limited dressing choice. Read the article below on clothes for short men.

Clothes For Short Men

Being dissatisfied with your height does not mean that you should also be dissatisfied in your choice of clothes. Since, controlling your height is not in your hands, you can at least control your sense of dressing so that it does not make you look shorter and wider than what you are. Finding clothes for people with a short build can be quite a challenge, and so it is always better for short people to get their clothes stitched. This will ensure a perfect fit and also save you from wearing oversized clothes. Wearing the right clothes will not only make you look a little tall but it will also shift the focus from your short build. Wearing clothes that cover you like a blanket is not only frustrating but it also makes you look like you are wearing somebody’s hand-me-downs. The only way to avoid this, is to do a little research on how and what clothes to wear. Avoiding some clothes and wearing those that helps you look tall should be the main dressing style for short men. Read the various tips given below to know more on the type and style of clothes that short people should wear to avoid looking short and stout.
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Clothing Tips For Short Men 
  • Wear shirts with vertical stripes. The vertical stripes can make short men look taller. You can also wear other patterns like the herringbone, pinstripe, and the chalkstripe to get that vertical effect. Try to stay away from plaid and checkered shirts, as much as possible.
  • In addition, it is always better to wear only one color as it gives a taller look by preventing the breaks in your natural frame.
  • Black color is especially good in short men as it gives a slimming effect. This makes short men appear a little bit tall. So, short men should opt for dark clothes.
  • Even medium weight fabrics are good for short men. However, stay away from heavy fabrics, as it will give the impression of bulkiness.
  • The clothes should fit properly. Short people should go for clothes that are trim rather than loose. Baggy clothes will make short people look stumpy.
  • People with a short upper body should not wear blazers and cardigans with more than three buttons as it draws the attention to the upper body. The blazers should fall a little below the buttocks to give the body a taller look.
  • The jackets or sweaters should be of the same color as the trousers or as little contrast as possible. This will help you in maintaining the natural vertical lines.
  • Wear T-shirts with a V-neck as it makes the torso look longer. The trick is to leave the neck open and so do not wear turtlenecks as it will make you look stumpy.
  • Formfitting shirts are especially good as the excess fabric is avoided when tucked in. Try not to tuck in the shirt, as it will place the focus on your legs and torso.
  • Wear the pants just above the hips. Stay away from low-rise pants as they make the legs look shorter.
  • Avoid bulging pockets and puckering around the hips. This will make shorter people look wider.
  • The trousers should cover the socks properly to give a more elongated look. Also, avoid multiple pleats on the pants.
  • Go for the cuffs that are slightly narrower than normal.
  • In addition, short people should stay away from bow ties. Instead, go for narrow ties in solid and diagonal patterns.

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