Right from roses to daffodils to daisies, each flower has a different meaning. Read the article to find the meanings of different flower tattoo designs.

Flower Tattoo Designs

Flowers have always held a special place in our heart, due to their myriad diversity and color like yellow, red, blue, purple, pink and so on. They have been used since ages in our religious customs, adornment of homes and as an expression of our love and affection. Not surprisingly, flower tattoos have been in use ever since the art of tattoo have been in existence. While choosing a tattoo design, people usually select one that expresses their personality and individuality. Hence, flower tattoos are available in endless varieties, ranging from shapes to sizes and depictions. Read on further to find the different flowers used as tattoos and also know their meanings.
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Meanings Of Flower Tattoos
Roses denote love and beauty, as they are associated with the Goddess Aphrodite for the Greeks and Romans, Virgin Mart for Christians, and Goddess Isis for Egyptians. A rose is among the most popular flower tattoos and each of its color symbolizes a different meaning. While white roses convey simplicity and charm, pink ones resemble clandestine love and red ones communicate passionate romance. Rosebuds are associated with beauty, innocence and youth.
A lily flower stands for purity, innocence and chastity. Some cultures associate this flower with love and procreation also. There are different kinds of lilies, each one having a different meaning associated with it. Calla lily stands for beauty and maidenly modesty, while frog lilies depict disgust. Tiger lilies resemble pride and prosperity whereas the white ones denote sweetness and purity. A yellow lily depicts flirtatiousness and coquetry.
A hibiscus flower is also considered as a tattoo design, though very few people are aware of it. It is found in different colors such as red, white, pink, yellow, blue, lavender, green and orange. A hibiscus flower tattoo symbolizes love and delicate beauty.
Lotus flower is popular among people as a tattoo design due to the meaning associated with it. Since it floats on muddy waters, it denotes purity. It also signifies enlightenment, peace, fortune, goodness and beauty.
Among all the flower tattoos, sunflowers are the biggest and boldest ones. While a small sunflower symbolizes adoration, a big sunflower stands for loyalty. The sunflower tattoos are known to have the maximum impact, due to their sheer size and color.
Daisy tattoos are usually small in size and symbolize innocence, loyalty in faith, love and purity. They are commonly designed on the feet, ankles and shoulders. Delicate and pretty, daisies keep up with the feminine and lady like appearance.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossom tattoos are quite common among young girls, as they are considered to be feminine tattoos. These flowers denote feminine beauty, love and transience of life.
These days, ginger flowers are widely used for tattooing. The flowers are pink and refreshing and hence, are used to create attractive tattoo designs.
Orchid flowers signify different attributes like strength, luxury, magnificence and love. Since they are found in different shapes, orchids are one of the best sought-after tattoo flowers.

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