Choosing perfect dress for your body can be difficult! Read more to know how to find the perfect dress for your body shape.

How To Find The Perfect Dress For Your Body Shape

Do you have ever had trouble in finding that perfect dress? Or have you ever wondered, why that glamorous dress just looks so amazing on your friend but not good on you? You must have come across those elegant, glossy, and sophisticated dresses in stores. The first question, which pops up in your mind while looking at them is ‘How will it look on me?’ The answer to all these questions is in two words that is ‘body type’. Knowing your body type is the first step in choosing your perfect dress. You might have your wardrobe full with most beautiful and expensive dresses but which just not make you look pretty. Finding a dress, which will flatter your body type, needs you to understand your body type, first. Your beautiful dress can have desired effect only when it suits your body. Short or long, silk or satin, red or black, it depends on individual choice but what suits your body type plays a deciding role. Here are a few pointers, which will make you aware of your body type and suggest dressing tips.
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How To Choose Perfect Dress For Your Body Shape
Apple Shape
Apple shaped women carry most of the fat around their abdominal region. The attributes of an apple shape are full bust and waist but narrow hips. They also have broad shoulders. In general, the upper body is more noticeable than lower body.
If you have apple shaped body then you should avoid halter necks, boat necklines, and off the shoulder, as they will highlight your broad shoulders. Try avoiding puffy sleeves, as they will highlight your wider shoulders too! It’s best to opt for soft fabrics, which drape around rather than fabrics, which cling or hang. You can try V-neck top to draw attention to your full bust and accessorize it with a nice piece of jewelry. This will also make your body appear less round. A fuller skirt is a good option for balancing your fuller bust. You should avoid wearing loose, shapeless, and baggy clothing. 

Pear Shape
Pear shaped body is an exact opposite of apple shaped body type. Attributes of a pear shaped body is slender and elongated torso, small bust with thighs and hips proportionally larger than waist and torso. Weight gain will normally go to hips and thighs, therefore making the area appear like a pear.

Pear shape looks very feminine but what needs to be de-emphasized, while selecting a dress is heavy bottoms. So to draw attention away from them, the best choice is to opt for A-line skirt or empire waistline. These skirts will flatter your waistline and make the bust stand out while hiding your fuller hips. Fitted tops like strapless corset-style bodice look best with pear-shaped body type especially when complemented with A-line skirt. You can go for two-toned dress, ensuring that brighter or lighter color is above the waist whereas the darker color is below the waist. This will keep the eyes away from your heavy bottom. What is important for you is to show off your upper body rather than drawing attention towards your lower part. 

Rectangle Shape
Rectangle body shape has very little curve. Attributes of a Rectangle shape is that the bust and hips are of almost same circumference. Weight gain deposits evenly throughout the body.

Your body lacks curves naturally. So, to give appearance of curves to your body, you need to choose a dress, which draws attention to your bust. You can opt for beaded bodice or neckline. Another option to create appearance of curves is by drawing attention to waist. You need to highlight your waist while choosing your cocktail dress. For this, it is a great option to choose wrap or surplice tops. Another choice for you can be coordinated skirt and top instead of opting for a dress. If you wish to go for a dress then include ornaments, belts, wraps and ribbons, which will serve as great waistline embellishment.
Inverted Triangle Shape
Inverted triangle shape is characterized with broad shoulders with narrow waistline and hips. Of all the body types, it is the only body type, which has to use visual tricks to augment the lower body. Opt for flair skirts to do this. Choose pant or jeans with flare at the bottom. You can accessorize your dress with stylish shoes to draw attention away from your top. In addition, you can pick sleeveless tops to show off thin arms and flatter your body type.
Hourglass Shape
This is the body type, which most women desire. Hourglass body has well defined shoulders and hips, which are well balanced. Weight gain deposits evenly throughout the body for this body type also. If you have an hourglass figure then you don’t need to be concerned about what areas to hide. You can go ahead with anything you like. Two piece dresses and corset bodices looks perfect on this body type as it enhances your natural curves. An off-the shoulder neckline or strapless suits your figure the best. You must be lucky to have such a figure!

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