An electric razor is the best when it comes to a fast and a close shave. Read the article below to learn more on choosing the best electric razor.

Choosing The Best Electric Razor

Shaving can prove to be an agonizing task for people with sensitive skin. No matter how much lubricants you apply, it manages to irritate the skin. On top of that, you get cuts and bruises that compound the problem further. Even for the rest, shaving with a manual razor has a host of disadvantages like, if you are a frequent traveler or, if you want a fast shave. All these can be avoided if you use an electric razor. You don’t have any irritation as the blade does not come near the skin, saving you from cuts and bruises. You also spend only one-fourth of the time that you require to shave using a manual razor. And since it is compact, it is easy to carry. There are no hassles of changing the blade or of carrying any lubricants, and you do not require any water. It is the best option for those who want a decent shave without spending much time on it. The added advantage is that they are sleek, trendy, and stylish. You also get a close shave that very often most manual razors are unable to do. Thus, you find markets flooded with hundreds of varieties of electric razors and you are spoilt for choice. This requires that you select the razor with care. To help you, go through the article given below to know how to choose an electric razor.
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How To Choose An Electric Razor
Types Of Electric Razors
Rotary Shavers 
  • This type of electric razor has three blades, which are covered by corresponding foils.
  • These foils are suspended by springs that allow the mated pairs to flex to match the contours of the face.
  • When the razor moves across the facial area, the skin is rolled to lift the hair from below the surface, so that it can be efficiently cut.
  • The mesh foils cover the three spinning wheels with the small blades. The hair enter the foils and the rotator cutter cuts them off. 
Foil Shavers 
  • A foil shaver uses a straight blade one set cutter.
  • The foil is thin and more delicate.
  • The blades grind off the hair until it fails to protect the protective foil.
  • For a close shave, a slight pressure must be applied on the skin. 
Other Considerations 
  • Check whether a dry shave or a wet shave is good for you. In case of electric shavers, most people go for the dry shave.
  • Some electric razors come with an attached nozzle that dispenses a moisturizing lotion while shaving. It also lubricates the skin, while the razor goes on shaving the hairs. This makes it easier to obtain a smoother shave.
  • You can also get corded and cordless razors. However, for maximum flexibility the cordless one is the best. Cordless razors run on batteries while the corded ones run on electric power.
  • Go for a rechargeable battery that does not take a long time to charge. If you travel a lot, then buy those batteries that have a longer life.
  • Now figure out how much you will be able to spend on the electric razor. Electric razors come in a wide range of prices depending upon the features involved.
  • There are some electric razors that come with self-cleaning facilities and so maintaining those is very easy. For the rest, make sure that it is easy to clean them so that they do not get jammed later.
  • As with all electronic goods, it is always better if you can find one with warranty so that you can go for servicing or exchange.

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