Razor cut hairstyles are a great way to revamp your look completely. Read the article to find different razor hair cuts and give yourself a totally new look.

Razor Cut Hairstyles

Are you bored of your present hairstyle? Do you want to refurbish your look? If yes, then this article would be of help. A stylish haircut or makeover can do wonders for any person, helping him/her get a totally new and fashionable look. A good knowledge of latest hairstyles is what is required to get a haircut that suits your face cut and personality. One such hairdo is the razor cut, a haircut where a razor or a blade is used to achieve a shredded look, by tapering your hair in an unusual manner. A razor haircut shortens your hair length to make them light and easy to maintain. It also provides volume and mass to the hair. A razor hair cut is best suited for straight hair type, but can also be tried at curly and wavy hair types. This article provides you with different razor hair cuts.
Razor Haircuts
Short Razor Cut Hairstyles
Short hairstyles focus on creating texture and wispiness. You can have a razor cut on a super-short pixie cut or an easy-to-wear short bob. Use a little bit of styling wax on your super-short razor cut to add softness to your hair. In case you have slightly longer hair, you can iron your hair flat to add volume.
Medium Length Razor Cuts
Razor cutting can be used for creating a fresh and edgy style to medium length hair. While going for a razor cut on medium hair, focus on the crown leaving only a light, thin layer of hair. Razor hairstyles look great on medium hair, when they are blow dried and flat ironed. Avoid going for this hairstyle if your hair has a natural wave, as it will be difficult to blow it smooth.
Men’s Razor Cuts
Today, men can also be found flaunting razor haircuts as opposed to women who used to primarily wear it. Since it creates texture and movement, men with short as well as long hair opt for razor cuts. Moreover, they can easily be flat ironed or waxed to show out the hairdo. Having a very short razor cut will create a classic and fresh hairstyle.
  • Razor cut hairstyle adds volume, thickness and movement to thin hair types. However, thick and bushy hair types can also benefit out of a razor cut. Razor cuts are very good for thinning and reducing the bulk from your hair, making them look lighter and manageable.
  • Razor cuts are best suited for straight hair types than for curly or wavy hair.
  • Whether short, medium or long, all lengths of hair can get the sharpness and edginess which a razor cut exudes.
  • It is better to use a razor, instead of a pair of scissors, when going in for a razor cut. Using a razor has many advantages. A razor will easily slide through your hair, making it simple to remove just the bulk hair, without disturbing other parts of your hair.
  • A razor cut is well suited for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or at the gym. A razor layer cut will make it simpler for you to handle your hair. They require little gel and only your finger tips to create a look with lots of texture and movement.

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