A close shave can often leave you with a stinging sensation on your skin. Here are some useful tips for men on how to stop razor burn, when knocking off those facial hairs.

How To Stop Razor Burn

Does shaving leave you with more nicks and cuts than a more well-defined face? A quick close shave can at times cost you more than just a squeaky clean feeling, occasionally leaving you with that hard-to-get-rid-of burning sensation on your skin. If you are one of those many people who are often badgered with this stinging feeling, followed by a quick knock-off, here is a reason to cheer. Razor bump is a fairly universal phenomenon that pests almost anyone who have known and handled a razor. It happens when you shave your skin too closely against the grain, more so when you indulge in less-than-perfect shaving tools like a blunt blade and alcohol based face wash or foam. While there is no way to swoosh away the red, unsightly, painful bumps on your skin, a few expert tips on how to prevent and stop it can save you the trouble. If you dread shaving your face simply because you wish to skip the tingle, take heart. Here are some tips on how to prevent/ stop razor burn. Read on for more.
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Tips To Avoid Razor Burn
  • Avoiding razor bumps is a laudable goal that is painfully hard to avoid, but a hot shower before shaving can sometime save you the hassle. Step into a hot shower to indulge into soft moistening effect of steam clean. Steam is known to make the skin suppler and open up clogged skin pores, thereby making it easier to shave. However, if you are looking for a quick shave, just dip a soft cloth in warm water and dab your skin with it. This is likely to make the skin softer and prepared it for a shave.
  • A sudden whisk of razor can end up giving you ugly red bumps. To avoid this painful razor burn, it is best to use a shaving cream or gel that lubricates the skin and helps the razor to glide smoothly along. Just foam your skin with some shaving cream, gel or lotion and whisk the razor through it for a better, safe shave. People with sensitive skin can resort to medicated shaving creams to avert eruptions or rashes.
  • The way you shave can go a long way to spare you the nicks and cuts. Always avoid long broad strokes when shaving, as it tends to make you prone to bumps. Concentrate on short strokes to overcome the odds of irritation and inflamed skin. Also, never pass the blade over the same area twice, as it can aggravate the condition. Close shave may be appealing, but applying too much pressure on the skin can just leave you with painful red burns. Also, be patient when shaving as quick strokes can just leave their marks on your skin.
  • Always shave along with the grain of your hair and never against it to avoid maximum burns and bumps. Just shave your hair and then get on to the task of gently moving your razor against the grain for a closer shave. This is likely to help you get rid of all the ingrown hair and the razor bumps too.
  • Treat your skin to a good aftershave post-shaving. Not only will it soothe the irritated skin, but it will also leave you smelling and feeling incredible. Aftershaves are styled to soothe and are highly effective against razor bumps. You can also indulge into the luxurious opulence of moisturizing elements like shea butter, aloe or glycerin for a supple feeling after shave.
  • Exfoliating is one of the tried and tested ways to get softer, suppler skin. Remember to exfoliate your skin every day with salicylic acid, as it is known to get rid of the tough dry dead skin easily. Exfoliating religiously will keep your pores open and allow your skin to breathe well.
  • One of the primarily reasons as to why people get razor rashes, is dull, not-so-sharp blades that scratch the skin and cause irritation. Make sure that you always use the sharpest of blades when shaving. Don’t forget to replace the cartridge once in a week. To preserve the sharpness of your blade for long, dunk you razor in alcohol after the last rinse. Always rinse your blade with cold water and make sure to remove every trace of cream, oil and hair from it.
  • Don’t forget to rinse your blade after every stroke to get a better, bump-free shave.
  • Rinse your face with tepid water post shaving, to get rid of all traces of whiskers and shaving creams.

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