For that perfect stitch you should get your measurements right. Find out how to measure inseam.

How To Measure Inseam

Can you imagine yourself in nothing less than an embarrassing situation where you wear ill-fitting pants for your first interview? Definitely not! What else can you do but curse and swear at the tailor who stitched it. Do you need another reason why people look for the perfect inseam length? What exactly is inseam length? Inseam is nothing but the binding seam of the interiors of pant legs. It is the inseam that gives the look to the pants, giving it a front and a back or rather total shape to the pant. The necessity of an accurate inseam measurement occurs when it helps settling your saddle height. Not only that, inseam measurement provides some needful information on frame size requirements and the stand over height as well. So if you get the measurements right, your pant will not go under your feet and you don’t end up pulling your pants up while you walk. Taking the inseam length is not a big deal but getting the correct measurement is not an easy one. So get ready to step into the shoes of a tailor, get your tape and measure it up!
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Measuring Inseam
One of the most important measurements that are required to create a pair of pants is the inseam. Usually the measurement is taken from the bottom of the crotch to the mark where the hem of the pants would touch the lower part of the ankle. But the bottom point varies as some people tend to choose the ankle’s protruding bone as the measuring point. But whichever way, it will determine the overall length of the leg of the garment. If you want to try a hand at getting the inseam length accurately check out this article.

Things Required
  • Tape
  • Pen
  • Book
How To Take The Measurement
  • Stand straight in a comfortable position with the best fitting pants on. Wear a heel of standard size or else, later on that can be a problem regarding the fit.
  • Now take a tape and holding it from the top inseam point adjust it to the lower inseam point . Make the necessary adjustments like whether you want it to be lengthier or shorter. There is a scope of changing the length of the trouser as per your need here. So check it well and then make a note of the measurements. You can always take the help of your friend for taking the measurements.
  • Now repeat the process with the other leg. Make a note of it on a paper. You should take the measurements of both the legs separately as at times there will be slight variation in the lengths depending upon the person’s posture or the type of shoes that one is wearing.

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