Do you wish to try a new hairstyle? How about curling your hair at home? Go through the article and get some tips on using a curling iron, the new Gen-X way for getting beautiful and appealing curls.

Curling Iron Tips

Long and wavy locks look gorgeous and are every woman’s dream. People who are not blessed with natural curls envy those having beautiful, smooth flowing curls. Gone are the days when longing for curls meant shedding out large sum of moolahs on salons and parlors. Today, just by investing in a curling iron set, you can get the perfect look, all at a minimal cost. Plus, the iron is yours forever and so is the style. Curling hair with a curling rod is an easy method to achieve the much loved look. However, one of the basic prerequisites to attain the style using the curling rod is that it needs to be executed using the right techniques. Faulty usage of curling iron can cause damage to your hair, not to mention the undesirable effect. This article throws light upon the tips for using a curling iron. Follow them and make your friends envy your lovely locks.
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Tips For Using A Curling Iron
  • There are a variety of curling irons available in the market for you to choose from. Right from the metal plated curling iron to ceramic curling iron and tourmaline ceramic curling iron, the options are many. The ceramic and tourmaline curling irons are mostly preferred over the metal plated curling irons, since the former produce gentle and controlled heat. Excessive heat radiated from metal plated irons can leave your hair brittle, split and unmanageable.
  • If you are looking for large, loose waves, then a 2-inch curling iron will be an apt option. Wrap the large section of your hair around the iron to smoothen it out, and then gradually wrap a small section of your hair to create loose waves.
  • For soft and nice waves, use a 1½-inch curling iron. Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron and then clip each section to your head. Once your hair cools down, remove the clips.
  • For big and tight curls, you need to use the curling iron which is higher in diameter than what is required for large and smooth waves. The iron used should be able to generate more heat.
  • If you curl your hair quite often, then an iron with features like specialized handle, rolling barrel or swivel cord, will prove to be more comfortable to use for a longer period of time.
  • Before you start to curl your hair using a curling iron, dampen the ends of your hair so that no heat damage is caused and the areas to be curled are evenly laid out. Make sure to keep the curling iron 3 inches away from the scalp to get aphrodisiacal and relaxed waves.
  • Start curling your hair by taking a section of hair from the behind of your ear and curl it away from the face. Pick up another section of hair from the same side randomly and curl. Once curled, move to the other side, beginning from behind the ear altogether again.
  • Once you have curled the sides of your hair, finish the process by curling the top of your head. Hold the curling iron straight up and curl down the hair straight down in the direction of your scalp.
  • Gently start to uncurl your hair until you reach a point wherein you can press your thumb down again, without your hair holding your curling iron shut. The slower you let it come down, the longer the curls will hold.
  • Once the entire process is over, open the curling iron and ease out the hair out of it. Pin up your hair for some time without any disturbance; until it cools down to ensure that the curls stay for long.
  • Do not brush your curls or use your fingers. Instead, crinkle them with your hands at the top of your head and at the nape of the neck. Gently jostle the curls to add volume. Use a hairspray at the end to give your hair a smooth and shiny finish.

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