Eyebrow pencils are possibly one of the major beauty tools in ladies make-up kit. Here are some tips on buying & using an eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow Pencil Tips

Do your eyebrows resemble a pair of unruly beast with threading, tweezing and brushing proving to be of little help? If you have got issues with your brows, know that you are not the only one.Overly grown and overly tweezed brows have forever fetched more than just a frown among pretty dames and the only convincing way known to deal with brow fury is a finely chiseled eyebrow pencil. An eyebrow pencil is an indispensable part of every woman’s beauty kit. If you wish to flaunt Brooke Shields like overgrown thick brows or longed to have coiffed brows like Kate Moss, an eyebrow pencil is a perfect answer to a more gorgeous you. Nothing mars the impact of perfectly applied make-up than tousled eye brows. While thick, overgrown eyebrows are an absolute no-no, overly-arched eyebrows can end up making one look over-the-top. Perfectly done eyebrows speaks for themselves and make way for a great beauty splash. So, it is only essential that you pick up your eye pencil with maximum care. Just before you raid the beauty shelves to perfect your brows, scouring through these handy tips on eyebrow pencil will help you make the best pick.
Tips On Buying & Using An Eyebrow Pencil
  • The first thing to be borne in mind while hunting for a perfect eye pencil is its shade. A wrongly chosen eyebrow pencil can be nothing more than a fashion faux pas. The trick to finding a perfect eye pencil is to always match its color with that of your hair and not your eyebrows. However, always remember to purchase a shade that is two shades lighter than your hair. For example, if you have dark brown hair, it is best to buy a medium brown shade eyebrow pencil.
  • After you have spotted the perfect eyebrow pencil for your brows, apply a little color on the back of your hand to check the exactness of the shade. Some cosmetics appear darker or lighter than the actual shade when applied. Testing the shade before buying will help you pick the right tone.
  • Just picking up the right shade isn’t enough to get that gorgeous pair of eyebrows. Correct application is equally important to avoid making a fashion disaster. For instance, if you have extremely light colored eyebrows as compared to your hair tone, remember to apply a light touch of mascara, before getting on with your eyebrow pencil.
  • Never use eyebrow pencil directly on your skin. Always use it on your eyebrows, over the original hair to reveal an authentic look. Application on the skin is a strict no-no.
  • Keep your pencil off the top end of your eyebrow. As the top arch is thinner than the rest of your brow, applying touch-ups in these areas may make your eyebrow appear all the more thick or clumsy. Use light strokes to accentuate the shape and underside of your brows, where the hair is thickest.
  • Never press your eyebrow pencil too hard on your skin, while doing the touch-ups. Doing so will create an unnatural look. Use swift upward motions during application and always apply as lightly as possible.

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