Some people like chest hair and for some it’s a turn off. Here are few tips on how to get rid of your chest hair.

How To Remove Chest Hair

Earlier hairy chest men were consider appealing and macho. Today metrosexual and ubersexual men prefer to have a groomed and chiseled look. Every celebrity is ready to unbutton his shirt and show off their stylized masculinity. Bollywood actors like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sharukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Akshay Kumar have all gone clean. They have gotten rid of bushy chest to reveal a more defined physique. Although hairy chest was in fashion in the 80’s era, many women in today’s time do not find men attractive with the chest hair. Sean Connery was luscious in ‘James Bond’ even with hairy chest in those days but nowadays, hairy chest would scare the daylight out of any girl. Contemporary fashion trends tend to favor men with well-groomed hairless chests. There are several choices available when it comes to removal of chest hair. You can choose various methods that suit you by considering how much time, money and how long you want to your chest to remain hair free. If you wish to get rid of chest hair, read the article to know the options to do it. 
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Best Way To Remove Chest Hair 

Shaving is one of the simplest ways of giving your chest a clean-shaven look. You will have to shave your chest hair regularly. This is a short-term way, as your hair on the chest will grow back again promptly. 

Plucking is helpful if you have to remove few sparse hairs. The process involves plucking hair with a sharp pair of tweezers or forceps. If you are removing a lot of chest hair, this process can be painful and time consuming. 

Waxing is a little painful process but keeps your chest free of hair for a longer time. In addition, the hair that will grow will be thinner than the original one. You can do waxing from a professional or ask someone to do it for you. Home waxing kits are available that can be used safely. 

Removing chest hair and maintaining it can be very challenging and painful, especially for people who have lots of chest hair. If you are one among them, you can consider trimming or grooming your hair rather than removing it all together. You can have a classic groomed look by trimming your chest hair with the help of scissors or an electric trimmer. 

These are the hair removal creams available at cosmetic stores or local drug stores. This is a painless method, as it requires application of cream to the area you want to remove hair from. After applying the cream, you have to wait for a few minutes and then wipe or rinse the hair and cream away. Some people can have blackening of the skin because of the chemicals and for some it can cause irritation. Hair that is removed by this method will grow back as quickly as that removed by shaving. Before applying the cream do the patch tests for any side effects. 

Permanent Body Hair Removal
If any of these methods do not work and you still want to have a clean chest, you can consider removing your hair permanently through laser hair treatment. Laser treatment targets the hair follicles and destroys it from the roots. This procedure requires several treatments and many sittings to complete the job.

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