Baggy eyes are the most visible signs of a stressed life. Explore the article below to learn more on baggy eye treatment.

Baggy Eyes Treatment

The pressure and stress of work can give you sleepless nights. You then top this with unhealthy junk food. The result is to put the entire body under strain, especially the eyes. And one day you wake up to find little pouches formed under your eyes. These pouches are known as baggy eyes and should not be confused with the puffiness of the eye. This is because baggy eyes require a long and a persistent effort from you to get rid of it, unlike puffy eyes, which disappear within a short time. Though it may give you, the look of an intellectual, dark and fluffy eye can be quite irritating to those who have them. Especially in women, it can be the end of their self-confidence as it makes them look unglamorous and tired. Baggy eyes can also be the result of age, which makes it all the more irritating as no one would like to show their age. In the fast-paced swarm, baggy eyes are a common problem but that does not mean that you should bear it to stay in the herd. Making a few changes in your lifestyle is the first step that you should take to get rid of your baggy eyes. To know more read the article on baggy eyes treatment tips.
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Baggy Eyes Treatment Tips 
  • Drink plenty of water daily. Ten to twelve glasses of water a day will keep your body hydrated and prevent you from getting baggy eyes.
  • To get rid of baggy eyes sleep is of utmost importance. A minimum of 7 hours of sleep will relieve your eyes from strain.
  • Before going to bed at night, massage the area around the eyes with almond oil or coconut oil. This will also reduce the dark circles around the eyes. Massage gently with your fingers so that there is an increase in blood circulation. Massaging will also soothe your eyes from over straining.
  • Cut thin slices of potato or cucumber and place them over your eyelids. Keep them for 15 to 20 minutes and do this every day. This will give the eyes a cool feeling and thus eliminate the fluffiness of the eyes.
  • Grind fresh whole turmeric into powder and make a paste using a little bit of water. You can make this paste using sandalwood also. Now apply this paste below the eyes and leave it to dry. Wash the dried paste with lukewarm water and then apply an anti-ageing cream. Doing this on a regular basis will rid you of baggy eyes.
  • Dark and baggy under eyes can also be reduced to a great extent with milk cream. Apply milk cream under the eyes before going to bed at night and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your face.
  • Smoking and alcohol abuse can also lead to baggy eyes. So, avoid drinking and smoking. Also, do not over sleep.
  • Maintain a balanced diet to keep your overall health in top condition. Foods rich in potassium can decrease the accumulation of water under the eyes. In addition, vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, watermelon and papaya decreases the water retention and so help you get rid of baggy eyes.
  • Another effective method to eliminate baggy eyes is to use chilled tea bags. Put green tea bags over the affected area and it can reduce the puffiness. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that decrease the swelling.
  • Cut down on excess salt and caffeine as they dehydrate the body. Due to dehydration, the body tries to retain fluids, which makes the eyes baggy. It is also better to avoid alcoholic and carbonated drinks. For this reason, it is also good to avoid all fried foods.

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